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func AllowPrometheusSync

func AllowPrometheusSync(logf logging.FormatLogger)

    AllowPrometheusSync sleeps for sometime to allow prometheus time to scrape the metrics.

    func PromAPI

    func PromAPI() (v1.API, error)

      PromAPI gets a handle to the prometheus API

      func RunQuery

      func RunQuery(ctx context.Context, logf logging.FormatLogger, promAPI v1.API, query string) (float64, error)

        RunQuery runs a prometheus query and returns the metric value

        func RunQueryRange

        func RunQueryRange(ctx context.Context, logf logging.FormatLogger, promAPI v1.API, query string, r v1.Range) (float64, error)

          RunQueryRange runs a prometheus query over the given range

          func VectorValue

          func VectorValue(val model.Value) (float64, error)

            VectorValue gets the vector value from the value type


            type PromProxy

            type PromProxy struct {
            	Namespace string
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              PromProxy defines a proxy to the prometheus server

              func (*PromProxy) Setup

              func (p *PromProxy) Setup(ctx context.Context, kubeClientset kubernetes.Interface, logf logging.FormatLogger)

                Setup performs a port forwarding for app prometheus-test in given namespace

                func (*PromProxy) Teardown

                func (p *PromProxy) Teardown(logf logging.FormatLogger)

                  Teardown will kill the port forwarding process if running.

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