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var (
	// DefaultWaitTime holds a default value for WaitForStopEventConfiguration
	// when used within a NewBackgroundVerification function.
	DefaultWaitTime = 20 * time.Millisecond

	// DefaultOnWait is a implementation that will be called by default for each
	// wait performed by WaitForStopEvent when used within
	// NewBackgroundVerification function.
	DefaultOnWait = func(bc BackgroundContext, self WaitForStopEventConfiguration) {



func WaitForStopEvent

func WaitForStopEvent(bc BackgroundContext, w WaitForStopEventConfiguration)

    WaitForStopEvent will wait until upgrade suite sends a stop event to it. After that happen a handler is invoked to verify environment state and report failures.


    type BackgroundContext

    type BackgroundContext struct {
    	Log  *zap.SugaredLogger
    	Stop <-chan StopEvent

      BackgroundContext is a upgrade test execution context that will be passed down to each handler of BackgroundOperation. It contains a StopEvent channel which end user should use to obtain a testing.T for error reporting. Until StopEvent is sent user may use zap.SugaredLogger to log state of execution if necessary.

      type BackgroundOperation

      type BackgroundOperation interface {
      	// Name is a human readable operation title, and it will be used in t.Run.
      	Name() string
      	// Setup method may be used to set up environment before upgrade/downgrade is
      	// performed.
      	Setup() func(c Context)
      	// Handler will be executed in background while upgrade/downgrade is being
      	// executed. It can be used to constantly validate environment during that
      	// time and/or wait for StopEvent being sent. After StopEvent is received
      	// user should validate environment, clean up resources, and report found
      	// issues to testing.T forwarded in StepEvent.
      	Handler() func(bc BackgroundContext)

        BackgroundOperation represents a upgrade test operation that will be performed in background while other operations is running. To achieve that a passed BackgroundContext should be used to synchronize it's operations with Ready and Stop channels.

        func NewBackgroundOperation

        func NewBackgroundOperation(name string, setup func(c Context),
        	handler func(bc BackgroundContext)) BackgroundOperation

          NewBackgroundOperation creates a new background operation or test that can be notified to stop its operation.

          func NewBackgroundVerification

          func NewBackgroundVerification(name string, setup func(c Context), verify func(c Context)) BackgroundOperation

            NewBackgroundVerification is convenience function to easily setup a background operation that will setup environment and then verify environment status after receiving a StopEvent.

            type Configuration

            type Configuration struct {
            	T   *testing.T
            	Log *zap.Logger

              Configuration holds required and optional configuration to run upgrade tests.

              type Context

              type Context struct {
              	T   *testing.T
              	Log *zap.SugaredLogger

                Context is an object that is passed to every operation. It contains testing.T for error reporting and zap.SugaredLogger for unbuffered logging.

                type Installations

                type Installations struct {
                	Base          []Operation
                	UpgradeWith   []Operation
                	DowngradeWith []Operation

                  Installations holds a list of operations that will install Knative components in different versions.

                  type Operation

                  type Operation interface {
                  	// Name is a human readable operation title, and it will be used in t.Run.
                  	Name() string
                  	// Handler is a function that will be called to perform an operation.
                  	Handler() func(c Context)

                    Operation represents a upgrade test operation like test or installation that can be provided by specific component or reused in aggregating components.

                    func NewOperation

                    func NewOperation(name string, handler func(c Context)) Operation

                      NewOperation creates a new upgrade operation or test.

                      type StopEvent

                      type StopEvent struct {
                      	T        *testing.T
                      	Finished chan<- struct{}
                      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                        StopEvent represents an event that is to be received by background operation to indicate that is should stop it's operations and validate results using passed T. User should use Finished channel to signalize upgrade suite that all stop & verify operations are finished and it is safe to end tests.

                        func (*StopEvent) Name

                        func (s *StopEvent) Name() string

                          Name returns a friendly human readable text.

                          type Suite

                          type Suite struct {
                          	Tests         Tests
                          	Installations Installations

                            Suite represents a upgrade tests suite that can be executed and will perform execution in predictable manner.

                            func (*Suite) Execute

                            func (s *Suite) Execute(c Configuration)

                              Execute the Suite of upgrade tests with a Configuration given.

                              type SuiteExecutor

                              type SuiteExecutor interface {
                              	Execute(c Configuration)

                                SuiteExecutor is to execute upgrade test suite.

                                type Tests

                                type Tests struct {
                                	PreUpgrade    []Operation
                                	PostUpgrade   []Operation
                                	PostDowngrade []Operation
                                	Continual     []BackgroundOperation

                                  Tests holds a list of operations for various part of upgrade suite.

                                  type WaitForStopEventConfiguration

                                  type WaitForStopEventConfiguration struct {
                                  	Name     string
                                  	OnStop   func(event StopEvent)
                                  	OnWait   func(bc BackgroundContext, self WaitForStopEventConfiguration)
                                  	WaitTime time.Duration

                                    WaitForStopEventConfiguration holds a values to be used be WaitForStopEvent function. OnStop will be called when StopEvent is sent. OnWait will be invoked in a loop while waiting, and each wait act is driven by WaitTime amount.