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func NewConversionController

func NewConversionController(
	ctx context.Context,
	path string,
	kinds map[schema.GroupKind]GroupKindConversion,
	withContext func(context.Context) context.Context,
) *controller.Impl

    NewConversionController returns a K8s controller that will will reconcile CustomResourceDefinitions and update their conversion webhook attributes such as path & CA bundle.

    Additionally the controller's Reconciler implements webhook.ConversionController for the purposes of converting resources between different versions


    type ConvertibleObject

    type ConvertibleObject interface {
    	// ConvertTo(ctx, to)
    	// ConvertFrom(ctx, from)
    	// DeepCopyObject()
    	// GetObjectKind() => SetGroupVersionKind(gvk)

      ConvertibleObject defines the functionality our API types are required to implement in order to be convertible from one version to another

      Optionally if the object implements apis.Defaultable the ConversionController will apply defaults before returning the response

      type GroupKindConversion

      type GroupKindConversion struct {
      	// DefinitionName specifies the CustomResourceDefinition that should
      	// be reconciled with by the controller.
      	// The conversion webhook configuration will be updated
      	// when the CA bundle changes
      	DefinitionName string
      	// HubVersion specifies which version of the CustomResource supports
      	// conversions to and from all types
      	// It is expected that the Zygotes map contains an entry for the
      	// specified HubVersion
      	HubVersion string
      	// Zygotes contains a map of version strings (ie. v1, v2) to empty
      	// ConvertibleObject objects
      	// During a conversion request these zygotes will be deep copied
      	// and manipulated using the apis.Convertible interface
      	Zygotes map[string]ConvertibleObject

        GroupKindConversion specifies how a specific Kind for a given group should be converted


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