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Guard Service

guard-service is the he Guard backend service which is used for:

  1. Learning per-service micro-rules from piles of profiles sent by guard-gate
  2. Constructing and storing per service Guardians
  3. Caching Guardians and servicing guard-gate requests for Guardians

Guardians are based on the package.

To access Guardians, guard-service uses the guard-kubemgr package.

See Guard Architecture to learn about how Guard process and learn internally security data.


To secure the current version of guard-service, the guard-service must be deployed on the same trust domain as the set of services it supports. One possible configuration is to deploy a security-guard in the same namespace as the deployed services and ensure network policy prohibits any external communication to/from the guard-service.

Do not open guard-service to the Internet, allow only local trusted services to communicate with the guard-service.

Always review the set of micro-rules produced by guard-service before moving to a production environment and if you decide to use guard-service in a production environment, it is safer to use manual microrules and treat the microrules produced by guard-service as a recommendation for human review.


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