License Disclaimer

The Go website displays license information in order to help users evaluate packages for their intended use. Licenses are detected using heuristics based on their file name and contents. We hope this information is helpful, but this is not legal advice and we do not make any guarantees regarding the accuracy of our license detection.

If we are not able to detect one of the licenses below, only limited package and module information will be made available. If you are a package author seeking to make your content available on the Go website, please be aware that our detection algorithms can be affected by any modifications of the license text, or by the use of an uncommon license file name.

We currently use for license detection, and look for licenses in files with the following names: COPYING,, COPYING.markdown, COPYING.txt, LICENCE,, LICENCE.markdown, LICENCE.txt, LICENSE,, LICENSE.markdown, LICENSE.txt, LICENSE-2.0.txt, LICENCE-2.0.txt, LICENSE-APACHE, LICENCE-APACHE, LICENSE-APACHE-2.0.txt, LICENCE-APACHE-2.0.txt, LICENSE-MIT, LICENCE-MIT, LICENSE.MIT, LICENCE.MIT, LICENSE.code, LICENCE.code,,, LICENSE.rst, LICENCE.rst, MIT-LICENSE, MIT-LICENCE,,, MIT-LICENSE.markdown, MIT-LICENCE.markdown, MIT-LICENSE.txt, MIT-LICENCE.txt, MIT_LICENSE, MIT_LICENCE, UNLICENSE, UNLICENCE. The match is case-insensitive.

We currently detect and recognize the following licenses:

If you are using an OSI approved license but it is not in our recognized license list, please file an issue. Currently we cannot add non-OSI approved licenses to the list.

If you use a package whose license is not detected, please inform the package author. If you are a package author who believes a license for one of your packages should have been detected and was not, please check for discrepancies between your license and the official text. If you still believe there is an error, please file an issue.

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