OpenSMTPD-extras in Go


This is very much Work In Progress. Don't use this for production installations. Much of the filter API in OpenSMTPD is not yet stable, so this package is also subject to change.

We have implemented Filter API version 52, because that's compatible with the most recent portable OpenSMTPD version (6.0.3p1).



Package opensmtpd implements OpenSMTPD APIs


The APIs in OpenSMTPD are not stable and subject to change. The filter versions implemented by this package are tested against OpenSMTPD-portable version 6.0.3.


Hooks for the various SMTP transaction stages. If a filter function is registered for a callback, the OpenSMTPD process expects a reply via the Session.Accept() or Session.Reject() calls. Failing to do so may result in a locked up mail server, you have been warned!




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const (
	FilterOK = iota
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const (
	// FilterVersion is the supported filter API version
	FilterVersion = 52

	// QueueVersion is the supported queue API version
	QueueVersion = 2

	// TableVersion is the supported table API version
	TableVersion = 2
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const (
	ServiceNone        = 0x000
	ServiceAlias       = 0x001
	ServiceDomain      = 0x002
	ServiceCredentials = 0x004
	ServiceNetaddr     = 0x008
	ServiceUserinfo    = 0x010
	ServiceSource      = 0x020
	ServiceMailaddr    = 0x040
	ServiceAddrname    = 0x080
	ServiceMailaddrMap = 0x100
	ServiceRelayHost   = 0x200
	ServiceString      = 0x400
	ServiceAny         = 0xfff



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    var (
    	// Debug flag
    	Debug bool


    This section is empty.


    type ConnectQuery

    type ConnectQuery struct {
    	Local, Remote net.Addr
    	Hostname      string

      ConnectQuery are the QUERY_CONNECT arguments

      func (ConnectQuery) String

      func (q ConnectQuery) String() string

      type Dict

      type Dict map[string]interface{}

        Dict is a key-value mapping

        type Filter

        type Filter struct {
        	// Connect callback
        	Connect func(*Session, *ConnectQuery) error
        	// HELO callback
        	HELO func(*Session, string) error
        	// MAIL FROM callback
        	MAIL func(*Session, string, string) error
        	// RCPT TO callback
        	RCPT func(*Session, string, string) error
        	// DATA callback
        	DATA func(*Session) error
        	// DataLine callback
        	DataLine func(*Session, string) error
        	// EOM (end of message) callback
        	EOM func(*Session, uint32) error
        	// Reset callback
        	Reset func(*Session) error
        	// Disconnect callback
        	Disconnect func(*Session) error
        	// Commit callback
        	Commit func(*Session) error
        	Name    string
        	Version uint32
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Filter implements the OpenSMTPD filter API


          func (*Filter) Register

          func (f *Filter) Register() error

            Register our filter with OpenSMTPD

            func (*Filter) Serve

            func (f *Filter) Serve() error

              Serve communicates with OpenSMTPD in a loop, until either one of the parties closes stdin.

              type Session

              type Session struct {
              	ID uint64
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              func NewSession

              func NewSession(f *Filter, id uint64) *Session

              func (*Session) Accept

              func (s *Session) Accept() error

              func (*Session) AcceptCode

              func (s *Session) AcceptCode(code int, line string) error

              func (*Session) Reject

              func (s *Session) Reject(status, code int) error

              func (*Session) RejectCode

              func (s *Session) RejectCode(status, code int, line string) error

              type Sockaddr

              type Sockaddr []byte

                Sockaddr emulates the mess that is struct sockaddr

                func (Sockaddr) IP

                func (sa Sockaddr) IP() net.IP

                func (Sockaddr) Network

                func (sa Sockaddr) Network() string

                func (Sockaddr) Port

                func (sa Sockaddr) Port() uint16

                func (Sockaddr) String

                func (sa Sockaddr) String() string

                type Table

                type Table struct {
                	// Update callback
                	Update func() (int, error)
                	// Check callback
                	Check func(service int, params Dict, key string) (int, error)
                	// Lookup callback
                	Lookup func(service int, params Dict, key string) (string, error)
                	// Fetch callback
                	Fetch func(service int, params Dict) (string, error)
                	// Close callback, called at stop
                	Close func() error
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  Table implements the OpenSMTPD table API


                  func (*Table) Serve

                  func (t *Table) Serve() error


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