Package iter provides a streaming iterator over an XML elements children.

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    type Iter

    type Iter struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Iter provides a mechanism for streaming the children of an XML element. Successive calls to the Next method will step through each child, returning its start element and a reader that is limited to the remainder of the child.

      func New

      func New(r xml.TokenReader) *Iter

        New returns a new iterator that iterates over the children of the most recent start element already consumed from r.

        func (*Iter) Close

        func (i *Iter) Close() error

          Close indicates that we are finished with the given iterator. Calling it multiple times has no effect.

          If the underlying TokenReader is also an io.Closer, Close calls the readers Close method.

          func (*Iter) Current

          func (i *Iter) Current() (*xml.StartElement, xml.TokenReader)

            Current returns a reader over the most recent child.

            func (*Iter) Err

            func (i *Iter) Err() error

              Err returns the last error encountered by the iterator (if any).

              func (*Iter) Next

              func (i *Iter) Next() bool

                Next returns true if there are more items to decode.

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