Package mcabber facilitates integration testing against Mcabber.



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    func ConfigFile

    func ConfigFile(cfg Config) integration.Option

      ConfigFile is an option that can be used to write a temporary config file. This will overwrite the existing config file and make most of the other options in this package noops. This option only exists for the rare occasion that you need complete control over the config file.

      func Ping

      func Ping(cmd *integration.Cmd, to jid.JID) error

        Ping sends an XMPP ping through Mcabber.

        func Send

        func Send(cmd *integration.Cmd, s string) error

          Send transmits the given command over the control pipe.

          func Test

            Test starts a Mcabber instance and returns a function that runs subtests using t.Run. Multiple calls to the returned function will result in uniquely named subtests. When all subtests have completed, the daemon is stopped.


            type Config

            type Config struct {
            	JID      jid.JID
            	Password string
            	FIFO     *os.File
            	Port     string

              Config contains options that can be written to the config file.