Package version queries a remote entity for software version info.



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    const (
    	// NS is the XML namespace used by software version queries.
    	// It is provided as a convenience.
    	NS = "jabber:iq:version"


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    type Query

    type Query struct {
    	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"jabber:iq:version query"`
    	Name    string   `xml:"name,omitempty"`
    	Version string   `xml:"version,omitempty"`
    	OS      string   `xml:"os,omitempty"`

      Query is the payload of a software version query or response.

      func Get

      func Get(ctx context.Context, s *xmpp.Session, to jid.JID) (Query, error)

        Get requests the software version of the provided entity. It blocks until a response is received.

        func GetIQ

        func GetIQ(ctx context.Context, iq stanza.IQ, s *xmpp.Session) (Query, error)

          GetIQ is like Get but it allows you to customize the IQ. Changing the type of the provided IQ has no effect.

          func (Query) TokenReader

          func (q Query) TokenReader() xml.TokenReader

            TokenReader implements xmlstream.Marshaler.

            func (Query) WriteXML

            func (q Query) WriteXML(w xmlstream.TokenWriter) (int, error)

              WriteXML implements xmlstream.WriterTo.

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