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Go-import-redirector is an HTTP server for a custom Go import domain. It responds to requests in a given import path root with a meta tag specifying the source repository for the “go get” command and an HTML redirect to the godoc.org documentation page for that package.


go-import-redirector [-addr address] [-tls] [-vcs sys] <import> <repo>

Go-import-redirector listens on address (default “:80”) and responds to requests for URLs in the given import path root with one meta tag specifying the given source repository for “go get” and another meta tag causing a redirect to the corresponding godoc.org documentation page.

For example, if invoked as:

go-import-redirector 9fans.net/go https://github.com/9fans/go

then the response for 9fans.net/go/acme/editinacme will include these tags:

<meta name="go-import" content="9fans.net/go git https://github.com/9fans/go">
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=https://godoc.org/9fans.net/go/acme/editinacme">

If both <import> and <repo> end in /*, the corresponding path element is taken from the import path and substituted in repo on each request. For example, if invoked as:

go-import-redirector rsc.io/* https://github.com/rsc/*

then the response for rsc.io/x86/x86asm will include these tags:

<meta name="go-import" content="rsc.io/x86 git https://github.com/rsc/x86">
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=https://godoc.org/rsc.io/x86/x86asm">

Note that the wildcard element (x86) has been included in the Git repo path.

The -addr option specifies the HTTP address to serve (default “:http”).

The -tls option causes go-import-redirector to serve HTTPS on port 443, loading an X.509 certificate and key pair from named after the host in the import path with .crt and .key appended (for example, rsc.io.crt and rsc.io.key). Like for http.ListenAndServeTLS, the certificate file should contain the concatenation of the server's certificate and the signing certificate authority's certificate.

The -certdir specifies the location of the certificate (default "/usr/local/etc/ssl").

The -keydir specifies the location of the key (default "/usr/local/etc/ssl/private").

The -vcs option specifies the version control system, git, hg, or svn (default “git”).

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