Package mediawiki provides access to MediaWiki installations to Go web servers via CGI.



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    const (
    	// Default PHP script to execute, if unspecified by the HTTP request.
    	DirIndex = "index.php"
    	// Default PHP CGI binary
    	PHPExe = "php-cgi"
    	// only execute PHP code from these directories (relative to
    	// the mediawiki installation directory), but not from their
    	// children.
    	PHPWhitelistDirs = "/"
    	// only serve static assets from these directories (relative
    	// to the mediawiki installation directory) and from their
    	// children, recursively.
    	AssetWhitelistDirsRecursive = "/resources:/skins"


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    func New

    func New(root, urlprefix, php string) http.Handler

      New returns a new HTTP handler that serves the mediawiki installed at root using the PHP CGI executable specified by php. The handler should be installed at urlprefix.


      type MediaWiki

      type MediaWiki struct {
      	Root      string // directory containing Mediawiki files
      	URLPrefix string // the URL prefix used for accessing the wiki
      	PHPExe    string // php-cgi executable
      	// see the constants with the same name for a description of
      	// these fields.
      	PHPWhitelistDirs            []string
      	AssetWhitelistDirsRecursive []string

        A *MediaWiki is an http.Handler that serves a mediawiki instance.

        func (*MediaWiki) ServeHTTP

        func (mw *MediaWiki) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

          ServeHTTP implements http.Handler.



            • After install, the server still allows access to the installer until restart.

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