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Package client implements a client library for the Miniflux REST API.


This code snippet fetch the list of users:

import (
	miniflux ""

client := miniflux.New("", "admin", "secret")
users, err := client.Users()
if err != nil {
fmt.Println(users, err)

This one discover subscriptions on a website:

subscriptions, err := client.Discover("")
if err != nil {


Package Files


const (
	EntryStatusUnread  = "unread"
	EntryStatusRead    = "read"
	EntryStatusRemoved = "removed"

Entry statuses.


var (
	ErrNotAuthorized = errors.New("miniflux: unauthorized (bad credentials)")
	ErrForbidden     = errors.New("miniflux: access forbidden")
	ErrServerError   = errors.New("miniflux: internal server error")
	ErrNotFound      = errors.New("miniflux: resource not found")

List of exposed errors.

type Categories

type Categories []*Category

Categories represents a list of categories.

type Category

type Category struct {
	ID     int64  `json:"id,omitempty"`
	Title  string `json:"title,omitempty"`
	UserID int64  `json:"user_id,omitempty"`

Category represents a feed category.

func (Category) String

func (c Category) String() string

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client holds API procedure calls.

func New

func New(endpoint string, credentials ...string) *Client

New returns a new Miniflux client.

func (*Client) Categories

func (c *Client) Categories() (Categories, error)

Categories gets the list of categories.

func (*Client) CreateCategory

func (c *Client) CreateCategory(title string) (*Category, error)

CreateCategory creates a new category.

func (*Client) CreateFeed

func (c *Client) CreateFeed(url string, categoryID int64) (int64, error)

CreateFeed creates a new feed.

func (*Client) CreateUser

func (c *Client) CreateUser(username, password string, isAdmin bool) (*User, error)

CreateUser creates a new user in the system.

func (*Client) DeleteCategory

func (c *Client) DeleteCategory(categoryID int64) error

DeleteCategory removes a category.

func (*Client) DeleteFeed

func (c *Client) DeleteFeed(feedID int64) error

DeleteFeed removes a feed.

func (*Client) DeleteUser

func (c *Client) DeleteUser(userID int64) error

DeleteUser removes a user from the system.

func (*Client) Discover

func (c *Client) Discover(url string) (Subscriptions, error)

Discover try to find subscriptions from a website.

func (*Client) Entries

func (c *Client) Entries(filter *Filter) (*EntryResultSet, error)

Entries fetch entries.

func (*Client) Entry

func (c *Client) Entry(entryID int64) (*Entry, error)

Entry gets a single entry.

func (*Client) Export

func (c *Client) Export() ([]byte, error)

Export creates OPML file.

func (*Client) Feed

func (c *Client) Feed(feedID int64) (*Feed, error)

Feed gets a feed.

func (*Client) FeedEntries

func (c *Client) FeedEntries(feedID int64, filter *Filter) (*EntryResultSet, error)

FeedEntries fetch feed entries.

func (*Client) FeedEntry

func (c *Client) FeedEntry(feedID, entryID int64) (*Entry, error)

FeedEntry gets a single feed entry.

func (*Client) FeedIcon

func (c *Client) FeedIcon(feedID int64) (*FeedIcon, error)

FeedIcon gets a feed icon.

func (*Client) Feeds

func (c *Client) Feeds() (Feeds, error)

Feeds gets all feeds.

func (*Client) Import

func (c *Client) Import(f io.ReadCloser) error

Import imports an OPML file.

func (*Client) Me

func (c *Client) Me() (*User, error)

Me returns the logged user information.

func (*Client) RefreshAllFeeds

func (c *Client) RefreshAllFeeds() error

RefreshAllFeeds refreshes all feeds.

func (*Client) RefreshFeed

func (c *Client) RefreshFeed(feedID int64) error

RefreshFeed refreshes a feed.

func (*Client) ToggleBookmark

func (c *Client) ToggleBookmark(entryID int64) error

ToggleBookmark toggles entry bookmark value.

func (*Client) UpdateCategory

func (c *Client) UpdateCategory(categoryID int64, title string) (*Category, error)

UpdateCategory updates a category.

func (*Client) UpdateEntries

func (c *Client) UpdateEntries(entryIDs []int64, status string) error

UpdateEntries updates the status of a list of entries.

func (*Client) UpdateFeed

func (c *Client) UpdateFeed(feedID int64, feedChanges *FeedModification) (*Feed, error)

UpdateFeed updates a feed.

func (*Client) UpdateUser

func (c *Client) UpdateUser(userID int64, userChanges *UserModification) (*User, error)

UpdateUser updates a user in the system.

func (*Client) UserByID

func (c *Client) UserByID(userID int64) (*User, error)

UserByID returns a single user.

func (*Client) UserByUsername

func (c *Client) UserByUsername(username string) (*User, error)

UserByUsername returns a single user.

func (*Client) Users

func (c *Client) Users() (Users, error)

Users returns all users.

type Enclosure

type Enclosure struct {
	ID       int64  `json:"id"`
	UserID   int64  `json:"user_id"`
	EntryID  int64  `json:"entry_id"`
	URL      string `json:"url"`
	MimeType string `json:"mime_type"`
	Size     int    `json:"size"`

Enclosure represents an attachment.

type Enclosures

type Enclosures []*Enclosure

Enclosures represents a list of attachments.

type Entries

type Entries []*Entry

Entries represents a list of entries.

type Entry

type Entry struct {
	ID         int64      `json:"id"`
	UserID     int64      `json:"user_id"`
	FeedID     int64      `json:"feed_id"`
	Status     string     `json:"status"`
	Hash       string     `json:"hash"`
	Title      string     `json:"title"`
	URL        string     `json:"url"`
	Date       time.Time  `json:"published_at"`
	Content    string     `json:"content"`
	Author     string     `json:"author"`
	ShareCode  string     `json:"share_code"`
	Starred    bool       `json:"starred"`
	Enclosures Enclosures `json:"enclosures,omitempty"`
	Feed       *Feed      `json:"feed,omitempty"`

Entry represents a subscription item in the system.

type EntryResultSet

type EntryResultSet struct {
	Total   int     `json:"total"`
	Entries Entries `json:"entries"`

EntryResultSet represents the response when fetching entries.

type Feed

type Feed struct {
	ID                 int64     `json:"id"`
	UserID             int64     `json:"user_id"`
	FeedURL            string    `json:"feed_url"`
	SiteURL            string    `json:"site_url"`
	Title              string    `json:"title"`
	CheckedAt          time.Time `json:"checked_at,omitempty"`
	EtagHeader         string    `json:"etag_header,omitempty"`
	LastModifiedHeader string    `json:"last_modified_header,omitempty"`
	ParsingErrorMsg    string    `json:"parsing_error_message,omitempty"`
	ParsingErrorCount  int       `json:"parsing_error_count,omitempty"`
	ScraperRules       string    `json:"scraper_rules"`
	RewriteRules       string    `json:"rewrite_rules"`
	Crawler            bool      `json:"crawler"`
	UserAgent          string    `json:"user_agent"`
	Username           string    `json:"username"`
	Password           string    `json:"password"`
	Category           *Category `json:"category,omitempty"`

Feed represents a Miniflux feed.

type FeedIcon

type FeedIcon struct {
	ID       int64  `json:"id"`
	MimeType string `json:"mime_type"`
	Data     string `json:"data"`

FeedIcon represents the feed icon.

type FeedModification

type FeedModification struct {
	FeedURL      *string `json:"feed_url"`
	SiteURL      *string `json:"site_url"`
	Title        *string `json:"title"`
	ScraperRules *string `json:"scraper_rules"`
	RewriteRules *string `json:"rewrite_rules"`
	Crawler      *bool   `json:"crawler"`
	UserAgent    *string `json:"user_agent"`
	Username     *string `json:"username"`
	Password     *string `json:"password"`
	CategoryID   *int64  `json:"category_id"`

FeedModification represents changes for a feed.

type Feeds

type Feeds []*Feed

Feeds represents a list of feeds.

type Filter

type Filter struct {
	Status        string
	Offset        int
	Limit         int
	Order         string
	Direction     string
	Starred       bool
	Before        int64
	After         int64
	BeforeEntryID int64
	AfterEntryID  int64
	Search        string
	CategoryID    int64

Filter is used to filter entries.

type Subscription

type Subscription struct {
	Title string `json:"title"`
	URL   string `json:"url"`
	Type  string `json:"type"`

Subscription represents a feed subscription.

func (Subscription) String

func (s Subscription) String() string

type Subscriptions

type Subscriptions []*Subscription

Subscriptions represents a list of subscriptions.

type User

type User struct {
	ID             int64             `json:"id"`
	Username       string            `json:"username"`
	Password       string            `json:"password,omitempty"`
	IsAdmin        bool              `json:"is_admin"`
	Theme          string            `json:"theme"`
	Language       string            `json:"language"`
	Timezone       string            `json:"timezone"`
	EntryDirection string            `json:"entry_sorting_direction"`
	EntriesPerPage int               `json:"entries_per_page"`
	LastLoginAt    *time.Time        `json:"last_login_at"`
	Extra          map[string]string `json:"extra"`

User represents a user in the system.

func (User) String

func (u User) String() string

type UserModification

type UserModification struct {
	Username       *string `json:"username"`
	Password       *string `json:"password"`
	IsAdmin        *bool   `json:"is_admin"`
	Theme          *string `json:"theme"`
	Language       *string `json:"language"`
	Timezone       *string `json:"timezone"`
	EntryDirection *string `json:"entry_sorting_direction"`
	EntriesPerPage *int    `json:"entries_per_page"`

UserModification is used to update a user.

type Users

type Users []User

Users represents a list of users.

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