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Published: Feb 8, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause

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Go Language Web Assembly bindings for DOM, HTML etc


WARNING: The current API is in very early state and should be consider to be expremental. There is upcommig changed like moving types into multiple packages.

This library is trying to be feature complete and up to date with current standard to let everything a browser having to offect be available in WebAssembly in a Go API accessable. To achive this most of the code is generated from WebIDL files. WebIDL files can be found in different standard making it easiser to be up to date than handwritten binding code.


func main() {
    element := webapiall.GetWindow().Document().GetElementById("foo")
    // NOTE: After Go 1.12, the extra call to JSValue() will no loger   be needed
    button := webapiall.HTMLButtonElementFromJS(element.JSValue())
    button.SetValue("Hello World")


Milestone Status Description
1 Ongoing Be abto to read and and understand all of WebIDL syntax. Notible missing thing are namespace and union
2 Planned Easy up the syntax. Promise will be refactor and other places where simplifications can be done. Classes can be renamed like clipboard.ClipboardPermission to clipboard.Permission.
3 Planned API Stability with a predefined release schedule. Documentation and added examples

More infomation of missing stuff can be found on the generator status info.