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Published: Jul 7, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0

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Flyteadmin is the control plane for Flyte responsible for managing entities (task, workflows, launch plans) and
administering workflow executions. Flyteadmin implements the
`AdminService <>`_ which
defines a stateless REST/gRPC service for interacting with registered Flyte entities and executions.
Flyteadmin uses a relational style Metadata Store abstracted by `GORM <>`_ ORM library.

Before Check-In

Flyte Admin has a few useful make targets for linting and testing. Please use these before checking in to help suss out
minor bugs and linting errors.

  .. code-block:: console

    make goimports

  .. code-block:: console

    make test_unit

  .. code-block:: console

    make lint