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The latest major version is v3.

Published: Jan 17, 2018 | License: MIT

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Pool is a thread safe connection pool for net.Conn interface. It can be used to manage and reuse connections.

Install and Usage

Install the package with:

go get

Please vendor the package with one of the releases: master branch is development branch and will contain always the latest changes.


// create a factory() to be used with channel based pool
factory    := func() (net.Conn, error) { return net.Dial("tcp", "") }

// create a new channel based pool with an initial capacity of 5 and maximum
// capacity of 30. The factory will create 5 initial connections and put it
// into the pool.
p, err := pool.NewChannelPool(5, 30, factory)

// now you can get a connection from the pool, if there is no connection
// available it will create a new one via the factory function.
conn, err := p.Get()

// do something with conn and put it back to the pool by closing the connection
// (this doesn't close the underlying connection instead it's putting it back
// to the pool).

// close the underlying connection instead of returning it to pool
// it is useful when acceptor has already closed connection and conn.Write() returns error
if pc, ok := conn.(*pool.PoolConn); ok {

// close pool any time you want, this closes all the connections inside a pool

// currently available connections in the pool
current := p.Len()



The MIT License (MIT) - see LICENSE for more details