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Published: May 17, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0


🏛️ Bibliotek 📚 Build Status GitHub release reference

Bibliotek (‘library’ in Swedish) provides common primitives and utilities for integrating with and extending the Hemtjänst platform.


client client godoc

The client package should be used if what you want to do is publish/control your own devices but do not care about other devices in the system.

For example, lets say you want to control devices connected to a Z-Wave network, or republish external datasources like an HTTP API as a device (e.g a temperature sensor).

server server godoc

The server package allows you to fetch all devices, their updates and send them commands. It does not allow for the creation of devices.

It can be used to implement things like a HomeKit bridge or to watch for and republish device data, like sensor readings, to another platform (e.g Prometheus).

Take a look at cmd/explorer on how to use it.

transport/mqtt mqtt transport godoc

The transport/mqtt package contains everything needed to transport device data over MQTT. It also contains the Flags() and MustFlags() helpers that provide a set of flags to configure common MQTT options.


Contributions are very welcome. Do ensure you run the tests:

$ go test -race -v -coverprofile=profile.cov $(go list ./...)

Note that in CI the _integration_test.go will run too. You can run them locally as well by setting BIBLIOTEK_TEST_INTEGRATION=1.

In order for these test to complete successfully you’ll have to spin up an MQTT broker and if the MQTT broker is not found on localhost:1883 specify a host:port string in the MQTT_ADDRESS environment variable.

$ env BIBLIOTEK_TEST_INTEGRATION=1 go test -race -v -coverprofile=profile.cov $(go list ./...)