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v0.0.0 (d9e7a12)
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Published: May 18, 2020 | License: MIT


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Go library to detect bots based on the HTTP request. A “bot” is defined as any request that isn’t a regular browser request initiated by the user. This includes things like web crawlers, but also stuff like “preview” renderers and the like.

Bot() accepts a http.Request since it looks at all information, not just the User-Agent. You can use UserAgent() if you just have a User-Agent, but it’s highly recommended to use Bot().

Import as; API docs:

It’s not 100% reliable, and there are some known cases where it gets things wrong. See isbot_test.go for a list of test cases.

The performance is pretty good; turns out that running a few string.Contains() is loads faster than a (bot|crawler|search|...) regexp.