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Package sqlite is a CGo-free port of SQLite.

SQLite is an in-process implementation of a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.


$ go get modernc.org/sqlite

Documentation: godoc.org/modernc.org/sqlite

Builders: modern-c.appspot.com/-/builder/?importpath=modernc.org%2fsqlite



Package sqlite is a sql/database driver using a CGo-free port of the C SQLite3 library.

SQLite is an in-process implementation of a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine.

Supported platforms and architectures

These combinations of GOOS and GOARCH are currently supported

OS      Arch    SQLite version
darwin	amd64   3.37.2
darwin	arm64   3.37.2
freebsd	amd64   3.37.2
linux	386     3.37.2
linux	amd64   3.37.2
linux	arm     3.37.2
linux	arm64   3.37.2
windows	amd64   3.37.2


Builder results available at



2021-11-13 v1.14.0:

Support windows/amd64. This target had previously only experimental status because of a now resolved memory leak.

2021-09-07 v1.13.0:

Support freebsd/amd64.


2021-06-23 v1.11.0:

Upgrade to use sqlite 3.36.0, release notes at https://www.sqlite.org/releaselog/3_36_0.html.

2021-05-06 v1.10.6:

Fixes a memory corruption issue (https://gitlab.com/cznic/sqlite/-/issues/53). Versions since v1.8.6 were affected and should be updated to v1.10.6.

2021-03-14 v1.10.0:

Update to use sqlite 3.35.0, release notes at https://www.sqlite.org/releaselog/3_35_0.html.

2021-03-11 v1.9.0:

Support darwin/arm64.

2021-01-08 v1.8.0:

Support darwin/amd64.

2020-09-13 v1.7.0:

Support linux/arm and linux/arm64.

2020-09-08 v1.6.0:

Support linux/386.

2020-09-03 v1.5.0:

This project is now completely CGo-free, including the Tcl tests.

2020-08-26 v1.4.0:

First stable release for linux/amd64. The database/sql driver and its tests are CGo free. Tests of the translated sqlite3.c library still require CGo.

$ make full


SQLite 2020-08-14 13:23:32 fca8dc8b578f215a969cd899336378966156154710873e68b3d9ac5881b0ff3f
0 errors out of 928271 tests on 3900x Linux 64-bit little-endian
WARNING: Multi-threaded tests skipped: Linked against a non-threadsafe Tcl build
All memory allocations freed - no leaks
Maximum memory usage: 9156360 bytes
Current memory usage: 0 bytes
Number of malloc()  : -1 calls
--- PASS: TestTclTest (1785.04s)
ok  	modernc.org/sqlite	1785.041s

2020-07-26 v1.4.0-beta1:

The project has reached beta status while supporting linux/amd64 only at the moment. The 'extraquick' Tcl testsuite reports

630 errors out of 200177 tests on  Linux 64-bit little-endian

and some memory leaks

Unfreed memory: 698816 bytes in 322 allocations

2019-12-28 v1.2.0-alpha.3: Third alpha fixes issue #19.

It also bumps the minor version as the repository was wrongly already tagged with v1.1.0 before. Even though the tag was deleted there are proxies that cached that tag. Thanks /u/garaktailor for detecting the problem and suggesting this solution.

2019-12-26 v1.1.0-alpha.2: Second alpha release adds support for accessing a database concurrently by multiple goroutines and/or processes. v1.1.0 is now considered feature-complete. Next planed release should be a beta with a proper test suite.

2019-12-18 v1.1.0-alpha.1: First alpha release using the new cc/v3, gocc, qbe toolchain. Some primitive tests pass on linux_{amd64,386}. Not yet safe for concurrent access by multiple goroutines. Next alpha release is planed to arrive before the end of this year.

2017-06-10 Windows/Intel no more uses the VM (thanks Steffen Butzer).

2017-06-05 Linux/Intel no more uses the VM (cznic/virtual).

Connecting to a database

To access a Sqlite database do something like

import (

	_ "modernc.org/sqlite"


db, err := sql.Open("sqlite", dsnURI)


Debug and development versions

A comma separated list of options can be passed to `go generate` via the environment variable GO_GENERATE. Some useful options include for example:


To create a debug/development version, issue for example:


Note: To run `go generate` you need to have modernc.org/ccgo/v3 installed.

Sqlite documentation

See https://sqlite.org/docs.html



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var (
	// ErrorCodeString maps Error.Code() to its string representation.
	ErrorCodeString = map[int]string{
		sqlite3.SQLITE_ABORT:             "Callback routine requested an abort (SQLITE_ABORT)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_AUTH:              "Authorization denied (SQLITE_AUTH)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_BUSY:              "The database file is locked (SQLITE_BUSY)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_CANTOPEN:          "Unable to open the database file (SQLITE_CANTOPEN)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_CONSTRAINT:        "Abort due to constraint violation (SQLITE_CONSTRAINT)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_CORRUPT:           "The database disk image is malformed (SQLITE_CORRUPT)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_DONE:              "sqlite3_step() has finished executing (SQLITE_DONE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_EMPTY:             "Internal use only (SQLITE_EMPTY)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_ERROR:             "Generic error (SQLITE_ERROR)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_FORMAT:            "Not used (SQLITE_FORMAT)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_FULL:              "Insertion failed because database is full (SQLITE_FULL)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_INTERNAL:          "Internal logic error in SQLite (SQLITE_INTERNAL)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_INTERRUPT:         "Operation terminated by sqlite3_interrupt()(SQLITE_INTERRUPT)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (1 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_READ)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (10 << 8): "(SQLITE_IOERR_DELETE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (11 << 8): "(SQLITE_IOERR_BLOCKED)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (12 << 8): "(SQLITE_IOERR_NOMEM)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (13 << 8): "(SQLITE_IOERR_ACCESS)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (15 << 8): "(SQLITE_IOERR_LOCK)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (16 << 8): "(SQLITE_IOERR_CLOSE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (17 << 8): "(SQLITE_IOERR_DIR_CLOSE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (2 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_SHORT_READ)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (3 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_WRITE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (4 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_FSYNC)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (5 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_DIR_FSYNC)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (6 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_TRUNCATE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (7 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_FSTAT)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (8 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_UNLOCK)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR | (9 << 8):  "(SQLITE_IOERR_RDLOCK)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_IOERR:             "Some kind of disk I/O error occurred (SQLITE_IOERR)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_LOCKED:            "A table in the database is locked (SQLITE_LOCKED)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_MISMATCH:          "Data type mismatch (SQLITE_MISMATCH)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_MISUSE:            "Library used incorrectly (SQLITE_MISUSE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_NOLFS:             "Uses OS features not supported on host (SQLITE_NOLFS)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_NOMEM:             "A malloc() failed (SQLITE_NOMEM)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_NOTADB:            "File opened that is not a database file (SQLITE_NOTADB)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_NOTFOUND:          "Unknown opcode in sqlite3_file_control() (SQLITE_NOTFOUND)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_NOTICE:            "Notifications from sqlite3_log() (SQLITE_NOTICE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_PERM:              "Access permission denied (SQLITE_PERM)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_PROTOCOL:          "Database lock protocol error (SQLITE_PROTOCOL)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_RANGE:             "2nd parameter to sqlite3_bind out of range (SQLITE_RANGE)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_READONLY:          "Attempt to write a readonly database (SQLITE_READONLY)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_ROW:               "sqlite3_step() has another row ready (SQLITE_ROW)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_SCHEMA:            "The database schema changed (SQLITE_SCHEMA)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_TOOBIG:            "String or BLOB exceeds size limit (SQLITE_TOOBIG)",
		sqlite3.SQLITE_WARNING:           "Warnings from sqlite3_log() (SQLITE_WARNING)",


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type Driver

type Driver struct{}

Driver implements database/sql/driver.Driver.

func (*Driver) Open

func (d *Driver) Open(name string) (driver.Conn, error)

Open returns a new connection to the database. The name is a string in a driver-specific format.

Open may return a cached connection (one previously closed), but doing so is unnecessary; the sql package maintains a pool of idle connections for efficient re-use.

The returned connection is only used by one goroutine at a time.

type Error added in v1.3.0

type Error struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Error represents sqlite library error code.

func (*Error) Code added in v1.3.0

func (e *Error) Code() int

Code returns the sqlite result code for this error.

func (*Error) Error added in v1.3.0

func (e *Error) Error() string

Error implements error.


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