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A go generate-or that makes sorting arbitrary slices easier via order functions, removing the need to implement sort.Interface etc.

Simply define an order function on the slice type of interest:

// main.go
//go:generate gobin -m -run

func orderByName(persons []person, i, j int) sorter.Ordered {
	return persons[i].name < persons[j].name

then run go generate and corresponding sort functions will have been generated for you:

// gen_main_sorter.go

func sortByName(vs []person) {

func stableSortByName(vs []person) {

See the example and rules below for more details.


go get -u


Taking the example from example/main.go:

//go:generate gobin -m -run -licenseFile license_header.txt

package main

import (


type person struct {
	name string
	age  int

func main() {
	people := []person{
		person{"Sarah", 25},
		person{"Jill", 34},
		person{"Paul", 25},

	fmt.Printf("Before: %v\n", people)


	fmt.Printf("Name sorted: %v\n", people)

	m := &myStruct{}

	fmt.Printf("Age sorted: %v\n", people)

func orderByName(persons []person, i, j int) sorter.Ordered {
	return persons[i].name < persons[j].name

type myStruct struct {
	// some fields

func (m *myStruct) orderByAge(persons []person, i, j int) sorter.Ordered {
	return persons[i].age < persons[j].age


$ go generate
$ go build
$ ./example
Before: [{Sarah 25} {Jill 34} {Paul 25}]
Name sorted: [{Jill 34} {Paul 25} {Sarah 25}]
Age sorted: [{Paul 25} {Sarah 25} {Jill 34}]

Examine the contents of gen_main_sorter.go to see the generated functions.


  • Supports -licenseFile FILENAME flag which allows a file containing an uncommented license header to be included (commented) at the top of each generated file


sortGen generates sort and stable sort functions/methods according to the following simple rules:

  1. The file, e.g. my_file.go, containing the order function/method must include the directive //go:generate gobin -m -run
  2. The order function/method name must be of the form "order*" or "Order*" (more strictly ^[oO]rder[[:word:]]+ in a regex pattern)
  3. The parameters of the order function/method must be a slice type, followed by two int's
  4. The return type must be

The sort functions/methods generated will be of the form "sort*" or "Sort*" and "stableSort*" or "StableSort*" (following the capitalisation of the order function). They will be written to a file with a name corresponding to the input file, gen_my_file_sorter.go in the case of the file mentioned in point 1.

Notice the use of the term "function/method"; if the order function defines a receiver (i.e. it is a method) then the generated sort (and stable sort) function will use the same receiver, and hence be a method.


The current implementation of the generator simply wraps a call to sort.Sort (or sort.Stable); this of course can be improved...


This is only an initial proof-of-concept, probably lots of bugs and edge cases missed. Please raise issues...


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