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Published: Aug 10, 2017 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package conn defines core interfaces for protocols and connections.

Subpackages implements all the interfaces that can be used to connects peripherals.


type Conn

type Conn interface {
	// Tx does a single transaction.
	// For full duplex protocols (generally SPI, UART), the two buffers must have
	// the same length as both reading and writing happen simultaneously.
	// For half duplex protocols (I²C), there is no restriction as reading
	// happens after writing, and r can be nil.
	// Query Limits.MaxTxSize() to know if there is a limit on the buffer size
	// per Tx() call.
	Tx(w, r []byte) error
	// Duplex returns the current duplex setting for this point-to-point
	// connection.
	// It is expected to be either Half or Full unless the connection itself is
	// in an unknown state.
	Duplex() Duplex

Conn defines the interface for a connection on a point-to-point communication channel.

The connection can either be unidirectional (read-only, write-only) or bidirectional (read-write). The connection can either be half-duplex or full duplex.

This is the lowest common denominator for all point-to-point communication channels.

Implementation are expected to also implement the following interfaces: - fmt.Stringer which returns something meaningful to the user like "SPI0.1",

"I2C1.76", "COM6", etc.

- io.Reader and io.Writer as an way to use io.Copy() on a read-only or

write-only device. For example the FLIR Lepton is a read-only device, the
SSD1306 is a write-only device.

type Duplex

type Duplex int

Duplex declares whether communication can happen simultaneously both ways.

Some protocol can be either depending on configuration settings, like UART.

const (
	// DuplexUnknown is used when the duplex of a connection is yet to be known.
	// Some protocol can be configured either as half-duplex or full-duplex and
	// the connection is not yet is a determinate state.
	DuplexUnknown Duplex = 0
	// Half means that communication can only occurs one way at a time.
	// Examples include 1-wire and I²C.
	Half Duplex = 1
	// Full means that communication occurs simultaneously both ways in a
	// synchronized manner.
	// Examples include SPI (except rare variants).
	Full Duplex = 2

func (Duplex) String

func (i Duplex) String() string

type Limits

type Limits interface {
	// MaxTxSize returns the maximum allowed data size to be sent as a single
	// I/O.
	// Returns 0 if undefined.
	MaxTxSize() int

Limits returns information about the connection's limits.

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