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const (
	GrubParamsFile            = "/etc/default/grub"
	GfxmodeDetectReadyPath    = "/tmp/deepin-gfxmode-detect-ready"
	DeepinGfxmodeDetect       = "DEEPIN_GFXMODE_DETECT"
	DeepinGfxmodeAdjusted     = "DEEPIN_GFXMODE_ADJUSTED"
	DeepinGfxmodeNotSupported = "DEEPIN_GFXMODE_NOT_SUPPORTED"


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func DecodeShellValue

func DecodeShellValue(in string) string

func GetBootArgDeepinGfxmode

func GetBootArgDeepinGfxmode() (cur Gfxmode, all Gfxmodes, err error)

func HasDeepinGfxmodeMod

func HasDeepinGfxmodeMod() bool

func InGfxmodeDetectionMode

func InGfxmodeDetectionMode(params map[string]string) bool

func IsGfxmodeDetectFailed

func IsGfxmodeDetectFailed(params map[string]string) bool

func LoadGrubParams

func LoadGrubParams() (map[string]string, error)

func ShouldFinishGfxmodeDetect

func ShouldFinishGfxmodeDetect(params map[string]string) bool


type Gfxmode

type Gfxmode struct {
	Width  int
	Height int

func ParseGfxmode

func ParseGfxmode(str string) (Gfxmode, error)

func (Gfxmode) String

func (v Gfxmode) String() string

type Gfxmodes

type Gfxmodes []Gfxmode

func GetGfxmodesFromXRandr

func GetGfxmodesFromXRandr() (Gfxmodes, error)

func (Gfxmodes) Add

func (v Gfxmodes) Add(m Gfxmode) Gfxmodes

func (Gfxmodes) Intersection

func (v Gfxmodes) Intersection(v1 Gfxmodes) (result Gfxmodes)

func (Gfxmodes) Len

func (v Gfxmodes) Len() int

func (Gfxmodes) Less

func (v Gfxmodes) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Gfxmodes) Max

func (v Gfxmodes) Max() (max Gfxmode)

func (Gfxmodes) SortDesc

func (v Gfxmodes) SortDesc()

func (Gfxmodes) Swap

func (v Gfxmodes) Swap(i, j int)

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