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package bookpipeline

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Published: May 29, 2020 | License: GPL3 | Module:
Path Synopsis
cmd/addtoqueue addtoqueue adds a message to a queue.
cmd/bookpipeline bookpipeline is the core command of the bookpipeline package, which watches queues for messages and does various OCR related tasks when it receives them, saving the results in cloud storage.
cmd/booktopipeline booktopipeline uploads a book to cloud storage and adds the name to a queue ready to be processed by the bookpipeline tool.
cmd/confgraph confgraph creates a graph showing the average word confidence of each page of hOCR in a directory.
cmd/getandpurgequeue getandpurgequeue gets and deletes all messages from a queue.
cmd/getbests getbests downloads every 'best' file from a set of OCRed books stored on cloud infrastructure
cmd/getpipelinebook getpipelinebook downloads the pipeline results for a book.
cmd/lspipeline lspipeline lists useful things related to the book pipeline.
cmd/mkpipeline mkpipeline sets up the necessary buckets and queues for the book pipeline.
cmd/pagegraph pagegraph creates a graph showing the average confidence of each word in a page of hOCR.
cmd/pdfbook pdfbook creates a searchable PDF from a directory of hOCR and image files.
cmd/spotme spotme creates new spot instances for the book pipeline.