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Published: May 31, 2019 License: BSD-3-Clause Imports: 0 Imported by: 157


rsc.io/letsencrypt is superseded by golang.org/x/crypto/acme/autocert.

The latest old rsc.io/letsencrypt is tagged v0.0.2 if you must use it.

But don't.

It hasn't been updated in years and probably carries security problems with it.

Use golang.org/x/crypto/acme/autocert instead.



Package letsencrypt is superseded by golang.org/x/crypto/acme/autocert. Use that instead.

Everything in this package has been deleted. If you need the latest non-deleted copy, use v0.0.2 (but really, use golang.org/x/crypto/acme/autocert).

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