Package etcd provides a connection to an etcd member.



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var AlarmTypeName = map[AlarmType]string{
	AlarmOk:      "NONE",
	AlarmNoSpace: "NOSPACE",
	AlarmCorrupt: "CORRUPT",

AlarmTypeName provides a text translation for AlarmType codes.


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type AlarmType

type AlarmType int32
const (
	// AlarmOK denotes that the cluster member is OK.
	AlarmOk AlarmType = iota

	// AlarmNoSpace denotes that the cluster member has run out of disk space.

	// AlarmCorrupt denotes that the cluster member has corrupted data.

type Client

type Client struct {
	EtcdClient etcd
	Endpoint   string
	LeaderID   uint64
	Errors     []string

Client wraps an etcd client formatting its output to something more consumable.

func NewClient

func NewClient(ctx context.Context, endpoints []string, p proxy.Proxy, tlsConfig *tls.Config) (*Client, error)

NewClient creates a new etcd client with a proxy, and a TLS configuration.

func (*Client) Alarms

func (c *Client) Alarms(ctx context.Context) ([]MemberAlarm, error)

Alarms retrieves all alarms on a cluster.

func (*Client) Close

func (c *Client) Close() error

Close closes the etcd client.

func (*Client) Members

func (c *Client) Members(ctx context.Context) ([]*Member, error)

Members retrieves a list of etcd members.

func (*Client) MoveLeader

func (c *Client) MoveLeader(ctx context.Context, newLeaderID uint64) error

MoveLeader moves the leader to the provided member ID.

func (*Client) RemoveMember

func (c *Client) RemoveMember(ctx context.Context, id uint64) error

RemoveMember removes a given member.

func (*Client) UpdateMemberPeerURLs

func (c *Client) UpdateMemberPeerURLs(ctx context.Context, id uint64, peerURLs []string) ([]*Member, error)

UpdateMemberPeerList updates the list of peer URLs

type GRPCDial

type GRPCDial func(ctx context.Context, addr string) (net.Conn, error)

GRPCDial is a function that creates a connection to a given endpoint.

type Member

type Member struct {
	// ClusterID is the ID of the cluster to which this member belongs
	ClusterID uint64

	// ID is the ID of this cluster member
	ID uint64

	// Name is the human-readable name of the member. If the member is not started, the name will be an empty string.
	Name string

	// PeerURLs is the list of URLs the member exposes to the cluster for communication.
	PeerURLs []string

	// ClientURLs is the list of URLs the member exposes to clients for communication. If the member is not started, clientURLs will be empty.
	ClientURLs []string

	// IsLearner indicates if the member is raft learner.
	IsLearner bool

	// Alarms is the list of alarms for a member.
	Alarms []AlarmType

Member struct defines an etcd member; it is used to avoid spreading dependencies.

type MemberAlarm

type MemberAlarm struct {
	// MemberID is the ID of the member associated with the raised alarm.
	MemberID uint64

	// Type is the type of alarm which has been raised.
	Type AlarmType

MemberAlarm represents an alarm type association with a cluster member.

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