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func ExtractClusterReferences

func ExtractClusterReferences(out *ParseOutput, c *clusterv1.Cluster) (res []*unstructured.Unstructured)

func ExtractMachineReferences

func ExtractMachineReferences(out *ParseOutput, m *clusterv1.Machine) (res []*unstructured.Unstructured)

func FromUnstructured

func FromUnstructured(objs []unstructured.Unstructured) ([]byte, error)

    FromUnstructured takes a list of Unstructured objects and converts it into a YAML

    func JoinYaml

    func JoinYaml(yamls ...[]byte) []byte

      JoinYaml takes a list of YAML files and join them ensuring each YAML that the yaml separator goes on a new line by adding \n where necessary

      func NewYAMLDecoder

      func NewYAMLDecoder(r io.ReadCloser) streaming.Decoder

      func ToUnstructured

      func ToUnstructured(rawyaml []byte) ([]unstructured.Unstructured, error)

        ToUnstructured takes a YAML and converts it to a list of Unstructured objects


        type ParseInput

        type ParseInput struct {
        	File string

        type ParseOutput

        type ParseOutput struct {
        	Clusters            []*clusterv1.Cluster
        	Machines            []*clusterv1.Machine
        	MachineSets         []*clusterv1.MachineSet
        	MachineDeployments  []*clusterv1.MachineDeployment
        	UnstructuredObjects []*unstructured.Unstructured

        func Parse

        func Parse(input ParseInput) (*ParseOutput, error)

          Parse extracts runtime objects from a file.

          func (*ParseOutput) Add

          func (p *ParseOutput) Add(o *ParseOutput) *ParseOutput

            Add adds the other ParseOutput slices to this instance.

            func (*ParseOutput) FindUnstructuredReference

            func (p *ParseOutput) FindUnstructuredReference(ref *corev1.ObjectReference) *unstructured.Unstructured

              FindUnstructuredReference takes in an ObjectReference and tries to find an Unstructured object.

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