Package printer contains setup for a friendlier Ginkgo printer that's easier to parse by test automation.



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    func NewProwReporter

    func NewProwReporter(suiteName string) ginkgo.Reporter

      NewProwReporter returns a prowReporter that will write out junit if running in Prow and do nothing otherwise. WARNING: It seems this does not always properly fail the test runs when there are failures, see When using this you must make sure to grep for failures in your junit xmls and fail the run if there are any.


      type NewlineReporter

      type NewlineReporter struct{}

        NewlineReporter is Reporter that Prints a newline after the default Reporter output so that the results are correctly parsed by test automation. See issue

        func (NewlineReporter) AfterSuiteDidRun

        func (NewlineReporter) AfterSuiteDidRun(setupSummary *types.SetupSummary)

          AfterSuiteDidRun implements ginkgo.Reporter

          func (NewlineReporter) BeforeSuiteDidRun

          func (NewlineReporter) BeforeSuiteDidRun(setupSummary *types.SetupSummary)

            BeforeSuiteDidRun implements ginkgo.Reporter

            func (NewlineReporter) SpecDidComplete

            func (NewlineReporter) SpecDidComplete(specSummary *types.SpecSummary)

              SpecDidComplete implements ginkgo.Reporter

              func (NewlineReporter) SpecSuiteDidEnd

              func (NewlineReporter) SpecSuiteDidEnd(summary *types.SuiteSummary)

                SpecSuiteDidEnd Prints a newline between "35 Passed | 0 Failed | 0 Pending | 0 Skipped" and "--- PASS:"

                func (NewlineReporter) SpecSuiteWillBegin

                func (NewlineReporter) SpecSuiteWillBegin(config config.GinkgoConfigType, summary *types.SuiteSummary)

                  SpecSuiteWillBegin implements ginkgo.Reporter

                  func (NewlineReporter) SpecWillRun

                  func (NewlineReporter) SpecWillRun(specSummary *types.SpecSummary)

                    SpecWillRun implements ginkgo.Reporter

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