Package leaderelection contains a constructor for a leader election resource lock. This is used to ensure that multiple copies of a controller manager can be run with only one active set of controllers, for active-passive HA.

    It uses built-in Kubernetes leader election APIs.



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    func NewResourceLock

    func NewResourceLock(config *rest.Config, recorderProvider recorder.Provider, options Options) (resourcelock.Interface, error)

      NewResourceLock creates a new resource lock for use in a leader election loop.


      type Options

      type Options struct {
      	// LeaderElection determines whether or not to use leader election when
      	// starting the manager.
      	LeaderElection bool
      	// LeaderElectionResourceLock determines which resource lock to use for leader election,
      	// defaults to "configmapsleases".
      	LeaderElectionResourceLock string
      	// LeaderElectionNamespace determines the namespace in which the leader
      	// election resource will be created.
      	LeaderElectionNamespace string
      	// LeaderElectionID determines the name of the resource that leader election
      	// will use for holding the leader lock.
      	LeaderElectionID string

        Options provides the required configuration to create a new resource lock


        Path Synopsis
        Package fake mocks a resource lock for testing purposes.
        Package fake mocks a resource lock for testing purposes.