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Published: May 1, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
apis/config/defaults Package defaults contains cross-api-version configuration defaults
apis/config/v1alpha3 Package v1alpha3 implements the v1alpha3 apiVersion of kind's cluster configuration +k8s:deepcopy-gen=package +k8s:defaulter-gen=TypeMeta
apis/config/v1alpha4 Package v1alpha4 implements the v1alpha4 apiVersion of kind's cluster configuration +k8s:deepcopy-gen=package
build/nodeimage package nodeimage implements functionality to build the kind node image
build/nodeimage/internal/container/docker Package docker contains helpers for working with docker This package has no stability guarantees whatsoever! Package docker contains helpers for working with docker This package has no stability guarantees whatsoever!
build/nodeimage/internal/kube Package kube implements functionality to build Kubernetes for the purposes of installing into the kind node image
cluster Package cluster implements kind kubernetes-in-docker cluster management
cluster/constants Package constants contains well known constants for kind clusters
cluster/internal/context Package context contains the internal cluster context shared by various packages that implement the user face pkg/cluster.Context
cluster/internal/create/actions/config Package config implements the kubeadm config action
cluster/internal/create/actions/installcni Package installcni implements the install CNI action
cluster/internal/create/actions/installstorage Package installstorage implements the an action to isntall a default storageclass
cluster/internal/create/actions/kubeadminit Package kubeadminit implements the kubeadm init action
cluster/internal/create/actions/kubeadmjoin Package kubeadmjoin implements the kubeadm join action
cluster/internal/create/actions/loadbalancer Package loadbalancer implements the load balancer configuration action
cluster/internal/create/actions/waitforready Package waitforready implements the wait for ready action
cluster/internal/kubeadm Package kubeadm contains kubeadm related constants and configuration
cluster/internal/kubeconfig Package kubeconfig provides utilites kind uses internally to manage kind cluster kubeconfigs
cluster/internal/loadbalancer Package loadbalancer contains external loadbalancer related constants and configuration
cluster/internal/logs Package logs contains tooling for obtaining cluster logs
cluster/internal/patch Package patch contains helpers for applying patches
cluster/internal/providers/provider/common Package common contains common code for implementing providers
cluster/nodes Package nodes provides a kind specific definition of a cluster node
cluster/nodeutils Package nodeutils contains functionality for Kubernetes-in-Docker nodes It mostly exists to break up functionality from
cmd Package cmd provides helpers used by kind's commands / cli
cmd/kind Package kind implements the root kind cobra command, and the cli Main()
cmd/kind/build Package build implements the `build` command
cmd/kind/completion Package completion implements the `completion` command
cmd/kind/completion/bash Package bash implements the `bash` command
cmd/kind/completion/fish Package fish implements the `fish` command
cmd/kind/completion/zsh Package zsh implements the `zsh` command
cmd/kind/create Package create implements the `create` command
cmd/kind/create/cluster Package cluster implements the `create cluster` command
cmd/kind/delete Package delete implements the `delete` command
cmd/kind/delete/cluster Package cluster implements the `delete` command
cmd/kind/delete/clusters Package clusters implements the `delete` command for multiple clusters
cmd/kind/export Package export implements the `export` command
cmd/kind/export/kubeconfig Package kubeconfig implements the `kubeconfig` command
cmd/kind/export/logs Package logs implements the `logs` command
cmd/kind/get Package get implements the `get` command
cmd/kind/get/clusters Package clusters implements the `clusters` command
cmd/kind/get/kubeconfig Package kubeconfig implements the `kubeconfig` command
cmd/kind/get/nodes Package nodes implements the `nodes` command
cmd/kind/load Package load implements the `load` command
cmd/kind/load/docker-image Package load implements the `load` command
cmd/kind/load/image-archive Package load implements the `load` command
cmd/kind/version Package version implements the `version` command
errors Package errors provides common utilities for dealing with errors
exec Package exec contains an interface for executing commands, along with helpers TODO(bentheelder): add standardized timeout functionality & a default timeout so that commands cannot hang indefinitely (!)
fs Package fs contains utilities for interacting with the host filesystem in a docker friendly way TODO(bentheelder): this should be internal
internal/apis/config Package config implements the current apiVersion of the `kind` Config along with some common abstractions +k8s:deepcopy-gen=package +k8s:defaulter-gen=TypeMeta
internal/apis/config/encoding Package encoding implements utilities for decoding from yaml the `kind` Config
log Package log defines a logging interface that kind uses This is roughly a minimal subset of klog