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const (
	TotallyNotANamespace = "_non_namespaceable_"
	DefaultNamespace     = "default"


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func ParseGroupVersion added in v0.6.0

func ParseGroupVersion(apiVersion string) (group, version string)

ParseGroupVersion parses a KRM metadata apiVersion field.


type Gvk

type Gvk struct {
	Group   string `json:"group,omitempty" yaml:"group,omitempty"`
	Version string `json:"version,omitempty" yaml:"version,omitempty"`
	Kind    string `json:"kind,omitempty" yaml:"kind,omitempty"`

Gvk identifies a Kubernetes API type.

func FromKind

func FromKind(k string) Gvk

FromKind makes a Gvk with only the kind specified.

func GvkFromString

func GvkFromString(s string) Gvk

GvkFromString makes a Gvk from the output of Gvk.String().

func (Gvk) ApiVersion added in v0.6.8

func (x Gvk) ApiVersion() string

ApiVersion returns the combination of Group and Version

func (Gvk) Equals

func (x Gvk) Equals(o Gvk) bool

Equals returns true if the Gvk's have equal fields.

func (Gvk) IsLessThan

func (x Gvk) IsLessThan(o Gvk) bool

IsLessThan returns true if self is less than the argument.

func (Gvk) IsNamespaceableKind

func (x Gvk) IsNamespaceableKind() bool

IsNamespaceableKind returns true if x is a namespaceable Gvk, e.g. instances of Pod and Deployment are namespaceable, but instances of Node and Namespace are not namespaceable. Alternative name for this method: IsNotClusterScoped. Implements

func (Gvk) IsSelected

func (x Gvk) IsSelected(selector *Gvk) bool

IsSelected returns true if `selector` selects `x`; otherwise, false. If `selector` and `x` are the same, return true. If `selector` is nil, it is considered a wildcard match, returning true. If selector fields are empty, they are considered wildcards matching anything in the corresponding fields, e.g.

this item:

<Group: "extensions", Version: "v1beta1", Kind: "Deployment">

is selected by

<Group: "",           Version: "",        Kind: "Deployment">

but rejected by

<Group: "apps",       Version: "",        Kind: "Deployment">

func (Gvk) String

func (x Gvk) String() string

String returns a string representation of the GVK.

func (Gvk) StringWoEmptyField added in v0.6.3

func (x Gvk) StringWoEmptyField() string

StringWoEmptyField returns a string representation of the GVK. Non-exist fields will be omitted.

type ResId

type ResId struct {
	// Gvk of the resource.
	Gvk `json:",inline,omitempty" yaml:",inline,omitempty"`

	// Name of the resource before transformation.
	Name string `json:"name,omitempty" yaml:"name,omitempty"`

	// Namespace the resource belongs to.
	// An untransformed resource has no namespace.
	// A fully transformed resource has the namespace
	// from the top most overlay.
	Namespace string `json:"namespace,omitempty" yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`

ResId is an identifier of a k8s resource object.

func FromString

func FromString(s string) ResId

func NewResId

func NewResId(k Gvk, n string) ResId

NewResId creates new ResId.

func NewResIdKindOnly

func NewResIdKindOnly(k string, n string) ResId

NewResIdKindOnly creates a new ResId.

func NewResIdWithNamespace

func NewResIdWithNamespace(k Gvk, n, ns string) ResId

NewResIdWithNamespace creates new ResId in a given namespace.

func (ResId) EffectiveNamespace

func (id ResId) EffectiveNamespace() string

EffectiveNamespace returns a non-ambiguous, non-empty namespace for use in reporting and equality tests.

func (ResId) Equals

func (id ResId) Equals(o ResId) bool

Equals returns true if the other id matches namespace/Group/Version/Kind/name.

func (ResId) GvknEquals

func (id ResId) GvknEquals(o ResId) bool

GvknEquals returns true if the other id matches Group/Version/Kind/name.

func (ResId) GvknString

func (id ResId) GvknString() string

GvknString of ResId based on GVK and name

func (ResId) IsInDefaultNs

func (id ResId) IsInDefaultNs() bool

IsInDefaultNs returns true if id is a namespaceable ResId and the Namespace is either not set or set to DefaultNamespace.

func (ResId) IsNsEquals

func (id ResId) IsNsEquals(o ResId) bool

IsNsEquals returns true if the id is in the same effective namespace.

func (ResId) IsSelectedBy added in v0.8.9

func (id ResId) IsSelectedBy(selector ResId) bool

IsSelectedBy returns true if self is selected by the argument.

func (ResId) String

func (id ResId) String() string

String of ResId based on GVK, name and prefix

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