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Package loadertest holds a fake for the Loader interface.



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var CleanupCalled = false

CleanupCalled indicates if Cleanup is called.


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type FakeLoader

type FakeLoader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeLoader encapsulates the delegate Loader and the fake file system.

func NewFakeLoader

func NewFakeLoader(initialDir string) FakeLoader

NewFakeLoader returns a Loader that delegates calls, and encapsulates a fake file system that the Loader reads from. "initialDir" parameter must be an full, absolute directory (trailing slash doesn't matter).

func (FakeLoader) AddDirectory

func (f FakeLoader) AddDirectory(fullDirPath string) error

AddDirectory adds a fake directory to the file system.

func (FakeLoader) AddFile

func (f FakeLoader) AddFile(fullFilePath string, content []byte) error

AddFile adds a fake file to the file system.

func (FakeLoader) Cleanup added in v1.0.7

func (f FakeLoader) Cleanup() error

Cleanup does nothing

func (FakeLoader) Load

func (f FakeLoader) Load(location string) ([]byte, error)

Load performs load from a given location.

func (FakeLoader) New

func (f FakeLoader) New(newRoot string) (loader.Loader, error)

New creates a new loader from a new root.

func (FakeLoader) Root

func (f FakeLoader) Root() string

Root returns root.

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