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func ClonerUsingGitExec

func ClonerUsingGitExec(repoSpec *RepoSpec) error

ClonerUsingGitExec uses a local git install, as opposed to say, some remote API, to obtain a local clone of a remote repo.


type Cloner

type Cloner func(repoSpec *RepoSpec) error

Cloner is a function that can clone a git repo.

func DoNothingCloner

func DoNothingCloner(dir fs.ConfirmedDir) Cloner

DoNothingCloner returns a cloner that only sets cloneDir field in the repoSpec. It's assumed that the cloneDir is associated with some fake filesystem used in a test.

type RepoSpec

type RepoSpec struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RepoSpec specifies a git repository and a branch and path therein.

func NewRepoSpecFromUrl

func NewRepoSpecFromUrl(n string) (*RepoSpec, error)

From strings like or, extract the parts.

func (*RepoSpec) AbsPath

func (x *RepoSpec) AbsPath() string

func (*RepoSpec) Cleaner

func (x *RepoSpec) Cleaner(fSys fs.FileSystem) func() error

func (*RepoSpec) CloneDir

func (x *RepoSpec) CloneDir() fs.ConfirmedDir

func (*RepoSpec) CloneSpec

func (x *RepoSpec) CloneSpec() string

CloneSpec returns a string suitable for "git clone {spec}".

func (*RepoSpec) Raw

func (x *RepoSpec) Raw() string

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