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Package error has contextual error types.

Package error has contextual error types.



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func Handler added in v1.0.5

func Handler(e error, path string) error

Handler handles YamlFormatError


type ConfigmapError

type ConfigmapError struct {
	Path     string
	ErrorMsg string

ConfigmapError represents error with a configmap.

func (ConfigmapError) Error

func (e ConfigmapError) Error() string

type KustomizationError

type KustomizationError struct {
	KustomizationPath string
	ErrorMsg          string

KustomizationError represents an error with a kustomization.

func (KustomizationError) Error

func (ke KustomizationError) Error() string

type KustomizationErrors

type KustomizationErrors struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KustomizationErrors collects all errors.

func (*KustomizationErrors) Append

func (ke *KustomizationErrors) Append(e error)

Append adds error to a collection of errors.

func (*KustomizationErrors) BatchAppend

func (ke *KustomizationErrors) BatchAppend(e KustomizationErrors)

BatchAppend adds all errors from another KustomizationErrors

func (*KustomizationErrors) Error

func (ke *KustomizationErrors) Error() string

func (*KustomizationErrors) Get

func (ke *KustomizationErrors) Get() []error

Get returns all collected errors.

type PatchError

type PatchError struct {
	KustomizationPath string
	PatchFilepath     string
	ErrorMsg          string

PatchError represents error during Patch.

func (PatchError) Error

func (e PatchError) Error() string

type ResourceError

type ResourceError struct {
	KustomizationPath string
	ResourceFilepath  string
	ErrorMsg          string

ResourceError represents error in a resource.

func (ResourceError) Error

func (e ResourceError) Error() string

type SecretError

type SecretError struct {
	KustomizationPath string
	// ErrorMsg is an error message
	ErrorMsg string

SecretError represents error with a secret.

func (SecretError) Error

func (e SecretError) Error() string

type YamlFormatError added in v1.0.3

type YamlFormatError struct {
	Path     string
	ErrorMsg string

YamlFormatError represents error with yaml file name where json/yaml format error happens.

func (YamlFormatError) Error added in v1.0.3

func (e YamlFormatError) Error() string

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