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Package target implements state for the set of all resources to customize.



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type KustTarget

type KustTarget struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KustTarget encapsulates the entirety of a kustomization build.

func NewKustTarget

func NewKustTarget(
	ldr ifc.Loader,
	fSys fs.FileSystem,
	rFactory *resmap.Factory,
	tFactory transformer.Factory) (*KustTarget, error)

NewKustTarget returns a new instance of KustTarget primed with a Loader.

func (*KustTarget) MakeCustomizedResMap

func (kt *KustTarget) MakeCustomizedResMap() (resmap.ResMap, error)

MakeCustomizedResMap creates a ResMap per kustomization instructions. The Resources in the returned ResMap are fully customized.

type ResAccumulator

type ResAccumulator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ResAccumulator accumulates resources and the rules used to customize those resources. TODO(monopole): Move to "accumulator" package and make members private. This will make a better separation between KustTarget, which should be mainly concerned with data loading, and this class, which could become the home of all transformation data and logic.

func MakeEmptyAccumulator

func MakeEmptyAccumulator() *ResAccumulator

func (*ResAccumulator) FixBackReferences

func (ra *ResAccumulator) FixBackReferences() (err error)

func (*ResAccumulator) MergeAccumulator

func (ra *ResAccumulator) MergeAccumulator(other *ResAccumulator) (err error)

func (*ResAccumulator) MergeConfig

func (ra *ResAccumulator) MergeConfig(
	tConfig *config.TransformerConfig) (err error)

func (*ResAccumulator) MergeResourcesWithErrorOnIdCollision

func (ra *ResAccumulator) MergeResourcesWithErrorOnIdCollision(
	resources resmap.ResMap) (err error)

func (*ResAccumulator) MergeResourcesWithOverride

func (ra *ResAccumulator) MergeResourcesWithOverride(
	resources resmap.ResMap) (err error)

func (*ResAccumulator) MergeVars

func (ra *ResAccumulator) MergeVars(incoming []types.Var) error

func (*ResAccumulator) ResMap

func (ra *ResAccumulator) ResMap() resmap.ResMap

ResMap returns a copy of the internal resMap.

func (*ResAccumulator) ResolveVars

func (ra *ResAccumulator) ResolveVars() error

func (*ResAccumulator) Transform

func (ra *ResAccumulator) Transform(t transformers.Transformer) error

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