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Package validators defines a FakeValidator that can be used in tests



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const SAD = "i'm not happy Bob, NOT HAPPY"

SAD is an error string.


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type FakeValidator

type FakeValidator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FakeValidator can be used in tests.

func MakeFakeValidator added in v1.0.9

func MakeFakeValidator() *FakeValidator

MakeFakeValidator makes an empty Fake Validator.

func MakeHappyMapValidator

func MakeHappyMapValidator(t *testing.T) *FakeValidator

MakeHappyMapValidator makes a FakeValidator that always passes.

func MakeSadMapValidator

func MakeSadMapValidator(t *testing.T) *FakeValidator

MakeSadMapValidator makes a FakeValidator that always fails.

func (*FakeValidator) MakeAnnotationValidator added in v1.0.9

func (v *FakeValidator) MakeAnnotationValidator() func(map[string]string) error

MakeAnnotationValidator returns a nil function

func (*FakeValidator) MakeLabelValidator added in v1.0.9

func (v *FakeValidator) MakeLabelValidator() func(map[string]string) error

MakeLabelValidator returns a nil function

func (*FakeValidator) ValidateNamespace added in v1.0.9

func (v *FakeValidator) ValidateNamespace(s string) []string

ValidateNamespace validates namespace by regexp

func (*FakeValidator) Validator

func (v *FakeValidator) Validator(_ map[string]string) error

Validator replaces apimachinery validation in tests. Can be set to fail or succeed to test error handling. Can confirm if run or not run by surrounding code.

func (*FakeValidator) VerifyCall

func (v *FakeValidator) VerifyCall()

VerifyCall returns true if Validator was used.

func (*FakeValidator) VerifyNoCall

func (v *FakeValidator) VerifyNoCall()

VerifyNoCall returns true if Validator was not used.

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