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func LoadSignerFromFile

func LoadSignerFromFile(fn string) (string, crypto.Signer, error)

LoadSignerFromFile loads a private-key for signing

Supports JSON (JWK/JWS) and PEM

func LoadValidatorFromFile

func LoadValidatorFromFile(fn string) (string, crypto.PublicKey, error)

LoadValidatorFromFile loads a public-key used for validation.

Supported formats are JSON-JWK and PEM


type Bootstrap

type Bootstrap interface {
	Config() *config.Config
	Managers() *managers.Managers

Bootstrap is a data structure to hold configuration required to start konnectd.

func Boot

func Boot(ctx context.Context, bsConf *Config, serverConf *config.Config) (Bootstrap, error)

Boot is the main entry point to bootstrap the konnectd service after validating the given configuration. The resulting Bootstrap struct can be used to retrieve configured identity-managers and their respective http-handlers and config.

This function should be used by consumers which want to embed konnect as a library.

type Config

type Config struct {
	Iss                               string
	IdentityManager                   string
	URIBasePath                       string
	SignInURI                         string
	SignedOutURI                      string
	AuthorizationEndpointURI          string
	EndsessionEndpointURI             string
	Insecure                          bool
	TrustedProxy                      []string
	AllowScope                        []string
	AllowClientGuests                 bool
	AllowDynamicClientRegistration    bool
	EncryptionSecretFile              string
	Listen                            string
	IdentifierClientDisabled          bool
	IdentifierClientPath              string
	IdentifierRegistrationConf        string
	IdentifierScopesConf              string
	SigningKid                        string
	SigningMethod                     string
	SigningPrivateKeyFiles            []string
	ValidationKeysPath                string
	CookieBackendURI                  string
	CookieNames                       []string
	AccessTokenDurationSeconds        uint64
	IDTokenDurationSeconds            uint64
	RefreshTokenDurationSeconds       uint64
	DyamicClientSecretDurationSeconds uint64

Config is a typed application config which represents the user accessible config params

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