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type RedisBotStore

type RedisBotStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRedisBotStore

func NewRedisBotStore(host string) *RedisBotStore

func (*RedisBotStore) AddBot

func (bs *RedisBotStore) AddBot(p *oauth.AccessResponse) error

func (*RedisBotStore) AllBots

func (bs *RedisBotStore) AllBots() ([]*oauth.AccessResponse, error)

func (*RedisBotStore) GetBot

func (bs *RedisBotStore) GetBot(team string) (*oauth.AccessResponse, error)

func (*RedisBotStore) RemoveBot

func (bs *RedisBotStore) RemoveBot(team string) error

type RedisConversationStore

type RedisConversationStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRedisConversationStore

func NewRedisConversationStore(host string) *RedisConversationStore

func (*RedisConversationStore) Active

func (cs *RedisConversationStore) Active(user, channel, team string) (id, state string, err error)

func (*RedisConversationStore) End

func (cs *RedisConversationStore) End(user, channel, team string) error

func (*RedisConversationStore) GetData

func (cs *RedisConversationStore) GetData(user, channel, team, key string) (string, error)

func (*RedisConversationStore) IsActive

func (cs *RedisConversationStore) IsActive(user, channel, team string) bool

func (*RedisConversationStore) SetData

func (cs *RedisConversationStore) SetData(user, channel, team, key, value string) error

func (*RedisConversationStore) SetState

func (cs *RedisConversationStore) SetState(user, channel, team, state string) error

func (*RedisConversationStore) Start

func (cs *RedisConversationStore) Start(user, channel, team, id string) error

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