tchstore is a tool to create a remote store for tchaik files, including media and artwork files (TODO: index).

    It is assumed that tchstore is run relatively local to the data it is serving (i.e. in EC2 for S3, or on a fileserver).

    All configuration is done through command line parameters, use --help flag for full details.

    To fetch files from the `tchaik-store` S3 bucket (and store media fetches in local cache under `media-cache` directory, and artwork in a content addressable cache under the directory `artwork-cache`):

    tchstore -listen -root s3://tchaik-store/ -artwork-cache artwork-cache -media-cache media-cache

    Implementation note: by default the artwork store will try to:

    1) retrieve files from the local artwork cache (if the cache exists)
    2) retrieve data from media files in a local store (media-cache or root if local)
    3) fetch the whole media file from S3 (if configured), which will in turn add the
       media file to (media-cache).

    Set the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY to pass credentials to the S3 client.

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