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const (
	// DiagnosticType is type name of this Diagnostic
	DiagnosticType = "hpa-ip"


This section is empty.


func NewDiagnostic

func NewDiagnostic(meta *diagnose.MetaData) diagnose.Diagnostic

NewDiagnostic return a example diagnostic


type Diagnostic

type Diagnostic struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Diagnostic is a example diagnostic shows how to write a diagnostic

func (*Diagnostic) Complete

func (d *Diagnostic) Complete() error

Complete check and complete config items

func (*Diagnostic) StartDiagnose

func (d *Diagnostic) StartDiagnose(ctx context.Context, param diagnose.StartDiagnoseParam) (chan *diagnose.Result, error)

StartDiagnose return a result chan that will output results

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