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func NewMeshConfiguration

func NewMeshConfiguration() (*meshconfig.MeshConfiguration, error)

NewMeshConfiguration will create a new MeshConfiguration with default values


type Options

type Options struct {
	Log               *log.Options
	SecureServing     *apiserveroptions.SecureServingOptions
	Debug             *apiserveroptions.DebugOptions
	ETCD              *storageoptions.ETCDStorageOptions
	Generic           *apiserveroptions.GenericOptions
	Authentication    *apiserveroptions.AuthenticationWithAPIOptions
	Authorization     *apiserveroptions.AuthorizationOptions
	PlatformAPIClient *controlleroptions.APIServerClientOptions
	// The Registry will load its initial configuration from this file.
	// The path may be absolute or relative; relative paths are under the Mesh's current working directory.
	MeshConfig string
	Audit      *genericapiserveroptions.AuditOptions

Options is the main context object for the TKE mesh.

func NewOptions

func NewOptions(serverName string) *Options

NewOptions creates a new Options with a default config.

func (*Options) AddFlags

func (o *Options) AddFlags(fs *pflag.FlagSet)

AddFlags adds flags for a specific server to the specified FlagSet object.

func (*Options) ApplyFlags

func (o *Options) ApplyFlags() []error

ApplyFlags parsing parameters from the command line or configuration file to the options instance.

func (*Options) Complete

func (o *Options) Complete() error

Complete set default Options. Should be called after tke-mesh flags parsed.

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