Path Synopsis
apilog Package apilog provides functions to be used in conjunction with logcop.
discovery/global TODO(jhahn): This is an experimental work to see its feasibility and set the long-term goal, and can be changed without notice.
discovery/plugins/loopback Package loopback implements loopback plugin for discovery service.
discovery/plugins/mdns Package mdns implements mDNS plugin for discovery service.
discovery/plugins/vine Package vine contains a discovery plugin that is using Vine protocol.
discovery/test package test contains tests that rely on a fake runtime.
discovery/testutil Package testutil defines helpers for discovery tests.
exec Package exec implements configuration and secret-sharing between parent and child processes via anoymous pipes.
flags Package flags implements utilities to augment the standard Go flag package.
publisher Package publisher provides a type to publish names to a mounttable.
pubsub Package pubsub defines interfaces for accessing dynamically changing process configuration information.
security Package security implements utilities for creating and using Vanadium security primitives.
security/audit Package audit implements a mechanism for writing auditable events to an audit log.
security/bcrypter Package bcrypter defines the mechanisms for blessings based encryption and decryption.
security/internal/lockedfile Package lockedfile creates and manipulates files whose contents should only change atomically.
security/internal/lockedfile/filelock Package filelock provides a platform-independent API for advisory file locking.
security/passphrase Package passphrase contains utilities for reading a passphrase.
security/securityflag Package securityflag implements utilities for creating security objects based on flags.
security/serialization Package serialization implements utilities for reading and writing data with signature-based integrity checking.
security/signing/keyfile Package keyfile provides a signing service that uses files to store keys.
security/signing/sshagent Package sshagent provides the ability to use openssh's ssh-agent to carry out key signing operations using keys stored therein.
signals Package signals implements utilities for managing process shutdown with support for signal-handling.
stats Package stats implements a global repository of stats objects.
stats/counter Package counter implements counters that keeps track of their recent values over different periods of time.
stats/histogram Package histogram implements a basic histogram to keep track of data distribution.
stats/sysstats Package sysstats implements system statistics and updates them periodically.
timekeeper Package timekeeper defines an interface to allow switching between real time and simulated time.
v23cmd Package v23cmd implements utilities for running v23 cmdline programs.
vdl/build Package build implements utilities to collect VDL build information and run the parser and compiler.
vdl/codegen Package codegen implements utilities for VDL code generators.
vdl/codegen/golang Package golang implements Go code generation from compiled VDL packages.
vdl/codegen/java Package java implements Java code generation from compiled VDL packages.
vdl/codegen/javascript Package javascript implements Javascript code generation from compiled VDL packages.
vdl/codegen/json Package json implements JSON generation for VDL const values.
vdl/codegen/swift Package swift implements Swift code generation from compiled VDL packages.
vdl/codegen/vdlgen Package vdlgen implements VDL code generation from compiled VDL packages.
vdl/compile Package compile implements the VDL compiler, converting a parse tree into compiled results.
vdl/internal/vdltestutil Package vdltestutil provides testing utilities for
vdl/opconst Package opconst defines the representation and operations for VDL constants.
vdl/parse Package parse implements the VDL parser, converting source files into a parse tree.
vdl/vdlutil Package vdlutil implements utilities used by many VDL components.
MODULE flags/sitedefaults