Package histogram implements a basic histogram to keep track of data distribution.



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    type Histogram

    type Histogram struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      A Histogram accumulates values in the form of a histogram. The type of the values is int64, which is suitable for keeping track of things like RPC latency in milliseconds. New histogram objects should be obtained via the New() function.

      func New

      func New(opts Options) *Histogram

        New returns a pointer to a new Histogram object that was created with the provided options.

        func (*Histogram) Add

        func (h *Histogram) Add(value int64) error

          Add adds a value to the histogram.

          func (*Histogram) Delta10m

          func (h *Histogram) Delta10m() stats.HistogramValue

            Delta10m returns the change in the last 10 minutes.

            func (*Histogram) Delta1h

            func (h *Histogram) Delta1h() stats.HistogramValue

              Delta1h returns the change in the last hour.

              func (*Histogram) Delta1m

              func (h *Histogram) Delta1m() stats.HistogramValue

                Delta1m returns the change in the last 10 minutes.

                func (*Histogram) LastUpdate

                func (h *Histogram) LastUpdate() time.Time

                  LastUpdate returns the time at which the object was last updated.

                  func (*Histogram) Opts

                  func (h *Histogram) Opts() Options

                    Opts returns a copy of the options used to create the Histogram.

                    func (*Histogram) Value

                    func (h *Histogram) Value() stats.HistogramValue

                      Value returns the accumulated state of the histogram since it was created.

                      type Options

                      type Options struct {
                      	// NumBuckets is the number of buckets.
                      	NumBuckets int
                      	// GrowthFactor is the growth factor of the buckets. A value of 0.1
                      	// indicates that bucket N+1 will be 10% larger than bucket N.
                      	GrowthFactor float64
                      	// SmallestBucketSize is the size of the first bucket. Bucket sizes are
                      	// rounded down to the nearest integer.
                      	SmallestBucketSize float64
                      	// MinValue is the lower bound of the first bucket.
                      	MinValue int64

                        Options contains the parameters that define the histogram's buckets.

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