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func GenerateSSHKeys

func GenerateSSHKeys(dir string) ([]string, error)

    GenerateSSHKeys generates sample ssh keys in the specified directory. The generated keys are: rsa, ecdsa-256, ecdsa-384, ecdsa-521 and ed25519.

    func SSHAdd

    func SSHAdd(dir, sockname string, args ...string) (string, error)

      SSHAdd runs ssh-add in the specified directory to connect to the agent sockname to add the specified keys.

      func SSHKeyGen

      func SSHKeyGen(dir, filename string, args ...string) error

        SSHKeyGen runs ssh-keygen in the specified directory to generate a key stored in filename, eg: SSHKeyGen(dir, "ecdsa-256", "-t", "ecdsa", "-b", "256", "-C", "ecdsa-256")

        func SSHKeyGenAdd

        func SSHKeyGenAdd(dir, filename, sockname string, args ...string) error

          SSHKeyGenAdd uses SSHKeyGen and SSHAdd to generate and add a key to an ssh agent.

          func StartPreconfiguredAgent

          func StartPreconfiguredAgent() (func(), string, string, error)

            StartPreconfiguredAgent starts an ssh agent and preconfigures it with the keys generated by GenerateSSHKeys. It returns a cleanup function, the socket name for the agent, the directory that the keys are created in and an error.

            func StartSSHAgent

            func StartSSHAgent() (func(), string, error)

              StartSSHAgent starts an ssh agent and returns a cleanup function and the socket name to use for connecting to the agent.


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