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package platform

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Published: Jun 3, 2019 | License: MIT | Module:


func ExpandEnv

func ExpandEnv(s string) string

func GetAssetLocation

func GetAssetLocation(file string) string

func GetConfigurationPath

func GetConfigurationPath() string

func GetPluginDirectory

func GetPluginDirectory() string

func GetToolLocation

func GetToolLocation(file string) string

func LineSeparator

func LineSeparator() string

func NormalizeEnvName

func NormalizeEnvName(name string) string

type EnvFlag

type EnvFlag struct {
	Name    string
	AltName string

func NewEnvFlag

func NewEnvFlag(name string) EnvFlag

func (EnvFlag) GetValue

func (f EnvFlag) GetValue(defaultValue func() string) string

func (EnvFlag) GetValueAsInt

func (f EnvFlag) GetValueAsInt(defaultValue int) int
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