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var (
	// ClusterInstance instance to be used for test with different params
	ClusterInstance *cluster.LocalProcessCluster


func AssignMysqlPortFromKs1ToKs2

func AssignMysqlPortFromKs1ToKs2()

AssignMysqlPortFromKs1ToKs2 assigns mysql port of all tablets of ks1 to all corresponding tablets of ks2

func ClusterWrapper

func ClusterWrapper(isMulti bool) (int, error)

ClusterWrapper common wrapper code for cluster

func GetPasswordUpdateSQL

func GetPasswordUpdateSQL(localCluster *cluster.LocalProcessCluster) string

GetPasswordUpdateSQL returns the sql for password update

func KillTabletsInKeyspace

func KillTabletsInKeyspace(keyspace *cluster.Keyspace)

KillTabletsInKeyspace kill the first shard tablets in ordered way

func KillVtgateInstances

func KillVtgateInstances()

KillVtgateInstances stops the vtgate process

func TestInitialSharding

func TestInitialSharding(t *testing.T, keyspace *cluster.Keyspace, keyType querypb.Type, isMulti bool, isExternal bool)

TestInitialSharding - main test which accepts different params for various test

func WriteDbCredentialToTmp

func WriteDbCredentialToTmp(tmpDir string) string

WriteDbCredentialToTmp writes json format db credentials to tmp directory


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