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Package query provdes query metrics with this file providing aggregared metrics based on the underlying values.



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type AggregatedQueryMetrics

type AggregatedQueryMetrics struct {
	// fill me in here
	Count                int
	MaxLatencySeconds    float64
	MeanLatencySeconds   float64
	MedianLatencySeconds float64
	P95LatencySeconds    float64
	MaxWaitSeconds       float64
	MeanWaitSeconds      float64
	MedianWaitSeconds    float64
	P95WaitSeconds       float64

func AggregatedSince

func AggregatedSince(c *collection.Collection, t time.Time) AggregatedQueryMetrics

AggregatedSince returns the aggregated query metrics for the period given from the values provided.

type Metric

type Metric struct {
	Timestamp      time.Time     // time the metric was started
	WaitLatency    time.Duration // time that we had to wait before starting query execution
	ExecuteLatency time.Duration // time the query took to execute
	Err            error         // any error resulting from the query execution

Metric records query metrics of backend writes that go through a sized channel. It allows us to compare the time waiting to execute the query against the time needed to run it and in a "sized channel" the wait time may be significant and is good to measure.

func NewMetric

func NewMetric() *Metric

NewMetric returns a new metric with timestamp starting from now

func (Metric) When

func (m Metric) When() time.Time

When records the timestamp of the start of the recording

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