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Package run provides a Lisp runtime.



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var (
	// shortcuts for standard types
	T   = value.T
	NIL = value.NIL
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var UserEnvironment value.Environment

UserEnvironment is an environment which inherits from the system environment. Definitions introduced by a user will be bound here.

This exists here to provide isolation so that new definitions do not change the behaviour of the system environment.


func Eval

func Eval(expr value.Value) (v value.Value)

Eval applies rules to an expression, and returns an expression that is the value.

func EvalString

func EvalString(expr string) value.Value

EvalString evaluates the first Lisp expression in a string.

func Load

func Load(filename string) error

Load evaluates an entire file as if in the REPL.

func ReadString

func ReadString(text string) value.Value

ReadString reads the first textual Lisp expression from the text in string.

func Reset

func Reset()

Reset the environment for the runtime to an empty state.

func Run

func Run(r io.Reader, w io.Writer) error

Run a REPL loop, reading expressions from a reader, and writing the evaluated values to a writer.


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