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Published: Jan 12, 2020 | License: CC0-1.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
appsluggr Command appsluggr packages a standard web and worker slug for Heroku/Dokku.
dnsd Command dnsd is a simple DNS server for my network.
ff-primitive Command ff-primitive takes farbfeld data from standard in and applies to it.
genua Command genua generates an example user agent.
johaus Command johaus wraps the lojban parser camxes and presents the results over HTTP.
la-baujmi Command la-baujmi is a simple language understander for Toki Pona.
license Command license is a simple software license generator.
license/licenses Package licenses is the list of licenses that this software supports.
mainsanow Command mainsanow shows the current time in ma insa.
minipaas Command minipaas is a simple client for
mkapp Command mkapp creates a mastodon app for a given -instance.
priorworkgen Command priorworkgen generates the list of prior work (read: GitHub repositories) for contractual stuff.
quickserv Command quickserv serves a folder of files over HTTP quickly.
relayd Command relayd is a simple TLS terminator using let's encrypt.
thumber Command thumber creates 256x256 thumbnails for a folder/pile of them.
tlstestd Command tlstestd loads the given TLS cert/key and listens to the given port over HTTPS.
tor2web Command tor2web is a simple caching proxy to tor onion sites.
whoisfront Command whoisfront is a simple CGI wrapper to Command is the vanity import server for