Package yeet is a set of small helper functions useful for yeeting out scripts.



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    var (
    	WD      string
    	DateTag string

      current working directory and date:time tag of app boot (useful for tagging slugs)


      func DockerBuild

      func DockerBuild(ctx context.Context, dir, tag string, args ...string)

        DockerBuild builds a docker image with the given working directory and tag.

        func DockerTag

        func DockerTag(ctx context.Context, org, repo, image string) string

          DockerTag tags a docker image

          func GitTag

          func GitTag(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

            GitTag returns the curreng git tag.

            func Output

            func Output(ctx context.Context, cmd string, args ...string) (string, error)

              Output returns the output of a command or an error.

              func ShouldWork

              func ShouldWork(ctx context.Context, env []string, dir string, cmdName string, args ...string)

                ShouldWork explodes if the given command with the given env, working dir and context fails.


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