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var (
	// DefaultPostgresSchema default postgres schema
	DefaultPostgresSchema = "public"


func ColumnString

func ColumnString(dialect Dialect, col *schemas.Column, includePrimaryKey bool) (string, error)

    ColumnString generate column description string according dialect

    func FormatColumnTime

    func FormatColumnTime(dialect Dialect, defaultTimeZone *time.Location, col *schemas.Column, t time.Time) (v interface{})

    func FormatTime

    func FormatTime(dialect Dialect, sqlTypeName string, t time.Time) (v interface{})

      FormatTime format time as column type

      func FullTableName

      func FullTableName(dialect Dialect, mapper names.Mapper, bean interface{}, includeSchema ...bool) string

        FullTableName returns table name with quote and schema according parameter

        func QueryDefaultPostgresSchema

        func QueryDefaultPostgresSchema(ctx context.Context, queryer core.Queryer) (string, error)

          QueryDefaultPostgresSchema returns the default postgres schema

          func RegisterDialect

          func RegisterDialect(dbName schemas.DBType, dialectFunc func() Dialect)

            RegisterDialect register database dialect

            func RegisterDriver

            func RegisterDriver(driverName string, driver Driver)

            func RegisteredDriverSize

            func RegisteredDriverSize() int

            func TableNameNoSchema

            func TableNameNoSchema(dialect Dialect, mapper names.Mapper, tableName interface{}) string

              TableNameNoSchema returns table name with given tableName

              func TableNameWithSchema

              func TableNameWithSchema(dialect Dialect, tableName string) string

                TableNameWithSchema will add schema prefix on table name if possible


                type Base

                type Base struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  Base represents a basic dialect and all real dialects could embed this struct

                  func (*Base) AddColumnSQL

                  func (db *Base) AddColumnSQL(tableName string, col *schemas.Column) string

                  func (*Base) CreateIndexSQL

                  func (db *Base) CreateIndexSQL(tableName string, index *schemas.Index) string

                  func (*Base) DBType

                  func (b *Base) DBType() schemas.DBType

                  func (*Base) DropIndexSQL

                  func (db *Base) DropIndexSQL(tableName string, index *schemas.Index) string

                  func (*Base) DropTableSQL

                  func (db *Base) DropTableSQL(tableName string) (string, bool)

                  func (*Base) ForUpdateSQL

                  func (b *Base) ForUpdateSQL(query string) string

                  func (*Base) FormatBytes

                  func (b *Base) FormatBytes(bs []byte) string

                  func (*Base) HasRecords

                  func (db *Base) HasRecords(queryer core.Queryer, ctx context.Context, query string, args ...interface{}) (bool, error)

                  func (*Base) Init

                  func (b *Base) Init(dialect Dialect, uri *URI) error

                  func (*Base) IsColumnExist

                  func (db *Base) IsColumnExist(queryer core.Queryer, ctx context.Context, tableName, colName string) (bool, error)

                  func (*Base) ModifyColumnSQL

                  func (db *Base) ModifyColumnSQL(tableName string, col *schemas.Column) string

                  func (*Base) Quoter

                  func (b *Base) Quoter() schemas.Quoter

                  func (*Base) SetParams

                  func (b *Base) SetParams(params map[string]string)

                  func (*Base) URI

                  func (b *Base) URI() *URI

                  type Dialect

                  type Dialect interface {
                  	Init(*URI) error
                  	URI() *URI
                  	SQLType(*schemas.Column) string
                  	FormatBytes(b []byte) string
                  	IsReserved(string) bool
                  	Quoter() schemas.Quoter
                  	SetQuotePolicy(quotePolicy QuotePolicy)
                  	AutoIncrStr() string
                  	GetIndexes(queryer core.Queryer, ctx context.Context, tableName string) (map[string]*schemas.Index, error)
                  	IndexCheckSQL(tableName, idxName string) (string, []interface{})
                  	CreateIndexSQL(tableName string, index *schemas.Index) string
                  	DropIndexSQL(tableName string, index *schemas.Index) string
                  	GetTables(queryer core.Queryer, ctx context.Context) ([]*schemas.Table, error)
                  	IsTableExist(queryer core.Queryer, ctx context.Context, tableName string) (bool, error)
                  	CreateTableSQL(table *schemas.Table, tableName string) ([]string, bool)
                  	DropTableSQL(tableName string) (string, bool)
                  	GetColumns(queryer core.Queryer, ctx context.Context, tableName string) ([]string, map[string]*schemas.Column, error)
                  	IsColumnExist(queryer core.Queryer, ctx context.Context, tableName string, colName string) (bool, error)
                  	AddColumnSQL(tableName string, col *schemas.Column) string
                  	ModifyColumnSQL(tableName string, col *schemas.Column) string
                  	ForUpdateSQL(query string) string
                  	Filters() []Filter
                  	SetParams(params map[string]string)

                    Dialect represents a kind of database

                    func OpenDialect

                    func OpenDialect(driverName, connstr string) (Dialect, error)

                      OpenDialect opens a dialect via driver name and connection string

                      func QueryDialect

                      func QueryDialect(dbName schemas.DBType) Dialect

                        QueryDialect query if registered database dialect

                        type Driver

                        type Driver interface {
                        	Parse(string, string) (*URI, error)

                        func QueryDriver

                        func QueryDriver(driverName string) Driver

                        type Filter

                        type Filter interface {
                        	Do(sql string) string

                          Filter is an interface to filter SQL

                          type QuotePolicy

                          type QuotePolicy int

                            QuotePolicy describes quote handle policy

                            const (
                            	QuotePolicyAlways QuotePolicy = iota

                              All QuotePolicies

                              type SeqFilter

                              type SeqFilter struct {
                              	Prefix string
                              	Start  int

                                SeqFilter filter SQL replace ?, ? ... to $1, $2 ...

                                func (*SeqFilter) Do

                                func (s *SeqFilter) Do(sql string) string

                                type URI

                                type URI struct {
                                	DBType  schemas.DBType
                                	Proto   string
                                	Host    string
                                	Port    string
                                	DBName  string
                                	User    string
                                	Passwd  string
                                	Charset string
                                	Laddr   string
                                	Raddr   string
                                	Timeout time.Duration
                                	Schema  string

                                  URI represents an uri to visit database

                                  func (*URI) SetSchema

                                  func (uri *URI) SetSchema(schema string)

                                    SetSchema set schema