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package tz

v0.0.0 (aeba38d)
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Published: May 20, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



Package tz provides a wrapper for time.Location with additional information about timezones.

Every timezone is represented by a zone name (Europe/Amsterdam) and a country (NL). The rationale for this is mostly a UI-one: it makes more sense to display a list of countries first and then a list of timezones, instead of just presenting a huge list of timezones.

For example, my current TZ is Asia/Makkasar (WITA), but it’s much easier to select “Indonesia” from a list, and then choose one of the 4 timezones in Indonesia.

We need to store both to make sure people who fill in “Isle of Man, Europe/London” aren’t shown “you selected Britain, Europe/London” when they revisit a settings page.

The data is generated from the IANA time zone database 2019c; use go generate to re-create it from /usr/share/zoneinfo.

Caveat: There is no way to store the full contents of time.Location compile-time, so mismatches can occur if the generated data is from a different version than than what Go uses.

The logic to load the tzdata isn’t exported from the time package, and don’t really feel like copying and adapting it all, so … do this for now anyway. Just make sure you use the same TZ database version.